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From radio orchestras to media ensembles

Ludmila Khvoshch/iStock/Getty Images Plus via Getty Images

In Europe, most public service media organizations operate ensembles – orchestras, choirs, groups, etc. These ensembles have become powerful ambassadors for public service and never more so than during the pandemic. But how do these ensembles adapt to new media? What could it mean to be a “media ensemble”? Should ensembles develop their activity to respond to societal change? Could this attract new audiences or help to enhance the relationship with existing ones? And how can these ensembles' impact be measured and highlighted?  

Members of the newly created Radio Ensemble Group invite you to attend this debate around these constantly evolving issues. 

This online event is part of the Music and Radio 60-minute sessions organized by the EBU Music Unit.


Christian Thompson, Head of Artistic Planning, Berwaldhallen, Swedish Radio; Chair, Radio Ensemble Group, EBU


Denis Bretin, Secrétaire général, Direction de la Musique et de la Création, Radio France
Ella Petersson, Channel Manager P2, Swedish Radio
Tuula Sarotie, General Manager, Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra