Winning on Social Platforms: Training sessions for Eurovision Song Contest delegations

The Eurovision Song Contest is only a few months away! Building on the success of last year's social media training sessions, we've partnered up with the platforms again. This year, we'll have sessions from the key platforms our delegates will be using for the Song Contest. We'll keep them short and sharp, and make sure the topics cover your needs. They will be presented by the platforms themselves and will have time for Q&A.

YouTube Music (30 Mar, 15:00-16:30 CEST)

The YouTube Music team have put together an exhaustive programme for our Song Contest delegates! Register to join this session.

  • Music Insider Presents How YouTube Works: This presentation explores how to introduce fans to your music, encourage them to listen to the music they know and love, and transform viewers from casual consumers to lifelong fans
  • Maximizing the Promo Power of YT: YT Music Best Practices for promotion & engagement.
  • Artist Analytics Best Practices: Visual walkthrough of the Artist Analytics platform
  • Live Best Practices: Learn the basics of going live on YouTube, how to plan an engaging stream, and the best practices you can adopt to amplify your success on the platform! (deep dive topics as a follow-up: Go Live Via Mobile, Mobile Production Quickstart, Go Live via Webcam, Full Live Production)
  • Shorts Getting Started Guide for Artists and Labels: Wherever an artist is on their journey, this resource guide may provide them the tools and inspiration for getting started on Shorts.
  • YouTube Premieres Best Practices: Premieres is a set of features to make your release splash. Check out this resource to learn what they are, how to set them up, and how to pull off an unforgettable release event on YouTube.

Spotify (31 Mar, 15:00-16:00 CEST)

A first for Song Contest delegates, we will be joined by Spotify! Register to join this session.

Take a personal guide through Spotify's artist tools and features. Meet the team and discover best practices to help you find your audience on Spotify.

Meta (5 April, 15:00-16:00 CEST)

More info to come on the agenda but you can register to join the session, and we'll keep you updated.

TikTok (5 April, 17:00-18:00 CEST)

More info to come on the agenda but you can register to join the session, and we'll keep you updated.

The target audience for these sessions would be:

  • Heads of Press, Heads of Delegation or whoever manages the social platforms
  • Artists themselves or members of their teams
  • Social media experts from the organizations involved with the production of the ESC

We'll let you know when we can announce more classes with other platforms. Keep your eye on this page for updates!




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