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How are public service media succeeding on TikTok?

Alexander Shatov / Unsplash

Eyes are on TikTok, literally. With 1.9 billion monthly active users, young audiences are undeniably captivated. On a cultural level, TikTok has created a shift in behaviour from “TikTok made me do it” to discussions on real issues troubling youth today. In a crowded and often-times confusing platform, public broadcasters have made space to shine!

The EBU Digital team are excited to be joined by Justin Kings, EBU Academy Faculty Member and leader of its TikTok and News eMaster Class, to host and moderate the session.

We’ll be learning from the teams behind the accounts from the BBC, France Televisions' Slash, as well as discovering how a Finnish account (YleWatt) targeting Swedish speakers reached great heights.

Questions we’re looking to answer:

  • Content Strategy: how have you designed the content strategy for TikTok? What is the approach and how do you ensure visibility of public service media values?
  • Platform Strategy: are there any monetization mechanisms in place? Are there special partnerships? How does TikTok fit into the mix with accounts on other platforms?
  • Organization Structure: how many people are working on TikTok, where do they sit in the organization? Do they work on other platforms too (like Instagram) – how do they learn based on that?
  • Key Learnings/lessons on the platform; any tips for EBU Members?

Registration is open to all EBU Members. If you have any questions in advance to our guests, send them to zakka@ebu.ch