Learning about the Eurovision Social Newswire, verification and content restrictions

The Eurovision Social Newswire team will hold a webinar to provide Members with a complete walkthrough and explainer of the ESN platform.

This event does not require pre-registration. Simply join us on Zoom on June 16 at 11:00 CET.

The webinar will focus on how members can download and use content, seek verification assistance from the ESN team, and learn about the many tools at their disposal on the platform.

The webinar will also feature a discussion on content restrictions and how Members can use the cleared content safety on their platforms.

The ESN team will also be on hand for a Q&A about all things ESN and verification.

Whether you are an experienced ESN user or a new one, we invite you to join us for this webinar.




Members Only

Contact detail

Derek Bowler
Head of Social Newsgathering
+41 22 717 28 26
Yolène Johanny
News Governance and Administration Manager