Legal and Policy Distribution Group

The Legal and Policy Distribution Group (LP-Distribution) focuses on policy and regulation issues relevant to long-term sustainable and affordable distribution of PSM content and services including spectrum, Net Neutrality (Open Internet), 5G, implementation of EECC and the European Green Deal

Read the EBU's positions on SpectrumOpen Internet5G and the European Electronic Communications Code and an overview of the EBU's Legal and Policy services



 02.2_Spectrum: Developments at EU level - Vincent Sneed, Senior Policy Adviser (EBU)  Members Only
 03_Update from T&I SP-Distribution - Roland Beutler, Spectrum Manager/Programme Distribution Strategy (ARD/SWR)  Members Only
 04_Infrastructure Act - Jan Wiesner, Chair of the EBU Legal & Policy Distribution Group (WDR/ARD)  Members Only
 05_5G Broadcasting - Michael Wagenhofer, Managing Director (ORS)  Members Only
 06_Presentation of T&I SP-Platforms Group - Jörgen Bang, Chair of EBU T&I SP-Platforms' Group  Members Only
 07_Update on Digital Services Act & Digital Markets Act - Alexandre Fall (Senior Legal Counsel) & Thomas Bergmann (Senior EU Policy Adviser) (EBU Legal and Policy)  Members Only


Location: EBU Brussels Offices, Brussels, Belgium


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Members Only

Working Languages: English


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