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Shaping Public Service Media Organizations

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All transformations come with structural implications: how we are organized determines how we function. So, what is the optimum structure of a future-proofed public service media (PSM) organization? What should PSM look like as and when should they transform?

We are bringing together PSM professionals for a full-day workshop to dig deep into these issues. The aim is to explore the experiences and plans of EBU peers to identify some key principles and pain points of PSM organization design and restructuring.


  • What are the big structural questions PSM face as they transform from broadcast to digital operations? 
  • What are the core drivers of the changes they are making to their structure, and how might they differently impact results?
  • What are the hard lessons learnt from previous and ongoing reorganizations?
  • How do we manage the end-to-end process of reorganizations, all the way from consultants to new job titles?

This event is brought to you by the Digital Transformation Initiative, and in collaboration with Prof. Lucy Kueng, Senior Research Associate at the Reuters Institute.

A working dinner is planned on Monday 5 September in Brussels. The full-day workshop will take place on Tuesday 6 September at the EBU offices in Brussels.

Target Audience

Senior PSM professionals looking at changing structures and processes of leadership, decision-making, business function, skills, and role design (maximum of two participants from one Member)


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