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Special Session with the TikTok Sport Team

©Thomas Serer/Unsplash

Content on TikTok is exploding, and more so for Sport content. With so many sporting events coming back in the next few months, we thought it was a great moment to invite TikTok for a special session on Sport.

Arthur Ortolano Guisasola, Global Partner Manager, Sport at TikTok will be with us to talk through the different ways we can use the platform for great sport content and also give time for a Q&A.

On the agenda:

  • Introduction to TikTok
  • What is sport on TikTok
  • Content tips & formats
  • Content tools & functionalities 
  • Questions

This session is Members-only and for colleagues who are working on social media in general and/or sport specifically and would like to learn more about how to make the best of TikTok.

Even if you are not working on sports, join us, as this could give insights on how to optimize your use of the platform. It is also a chance to have a direct conversation with Arthur and ask him questions.

The session will not be recorded.

Our colleagues at EBU Academy are preparing an e-MasterClass session from 11-13 October on how to use TikTok for Sport bringing in Member best practice cases and practical tools and know-how.