The Legal & Policy Assembly brings together senior legal and policy experts from across the EBU Membership. It is a forum for updating Members on latest developments impacting public service media in Europe and beyond, as well as an opportunity for sharing experiences and networking.


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To go deeper in the subject presented by Henning Eichler: 



Only EBU Members can attend this event, If you are an EBU Member and you would like to attend this event or for any other questions relating to this event, please contact Mélanie Alexandre


  • EBU Legal & Policy Department: Architecture & Experts Groups Members Only
  • 02.2_Media Freedom Act_Update (incl. Rule of Law) - EBU Legal & Policy MFA Team (Thomas Bergman, Isabelle Dochy, Alexandre Fall & Sophia Wistehube)Members Only
  • 03.1_Digital Services Act / Digital Markets Act_Update - EBU Legal & Policy DSA/DMA Team (Thomas Bergmann, Alexandre Fall & Sophia Wistehube)Members Only
  • 03.2_Distribution / Spectrum_Update - Ausra Semeniene (EBU, Senior Legal Counsel) & Vincent Sneed (EBU, Senior EU Policy Adviser) (EBU Legal & Policy)Members Only
  • 04.1_Content Regulation (AVMSD Implementation reports)_ Update - Thomas Bergmann (Senior EU Policy Adviser) & Sophia Wistehube (Legal Counsel) (EBU Legal and Policy)Members Only
  • 04.2_Disinformation / Political Advertising_Update - Sophia Wistehube (Legal Counsel) & Florian Feillet (Legal Counsel) (EBU Legal & Policy)Members Only
  • 05_Keynote_Platformization, Public Value & Regulation: Media ethics for public service journalism in social networks - Dr. Henning Eichler (Deputy Professor Media Sciences & Digital Journalism) (Hoschule RheinMain, Germany)Members Only
  • 05_Artificial Intelligence Act_Update - Anne-Sarah Skrebers (Head of Intellectual Property) & Vincent Sneed (Senior Adviser EU Policy) (EBU Legal & Policy)Members Only
  • 06.1_Intellectual Property_Update - Anne-Sarah Skrebers (Head of Intellectual Property) & Vincent Sneed (Senior Adviser EU Policy) (EBU Legal & Policy)Members Only
  • 06.2_Data Protection / e-Privacy_Update - Anne-Catherine Berg (Data Protection Officer, Senior Legal Counsel) (EBU Legal & Policy)Members Only
  • EBU Academy_Presentation on Training 26 & 27 January 2023 - Frédéric Frantz (Training Business Manager) (EBU Academy)Members Only

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