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Immersive sound

This session considers the evolution of audio technologies and asks what they mean for music producers and broadcasters across radio and television. From binaural rendering to object-based audio which allow producers to position and move sound sources within 3D space, the creative possibilities are limitless. But are audiences listening? And what's the added value in the case of music production? This session, produced in collaboration with the EBU TV Music Experts and EBU Technology & Innovation aims to find out more.


Radio Broadcasting as inventor and early-adaptor of immersive sound - Werner Bleisteiner (BR)

Immersive audio is the latest trend for broadcasting'  That's nonsense! It's been around for 50 years already. ARD first introduced it in the 1973 radio drama "Demolition" with "Dummy Head Stereo", where it was successful for a decade having been applied widely, and even used for concert transmissions. We'll examine this history and explore how modern production technology has led to a revival with apparently happy omens."


Recording and mixing for Dolby Atmos and our experience with Carl Nielsen’s Symphonies - Lars C. Brunn and Mikkel Nymand (Danish Radio)

"A short recap of the Dolby Atmos technology, and why it succeeds where others have failed! We'll also discuss the journey into unknown immersive territory: looking at how we recorded the Nielsen symphonies, and why getting the tech right is a big deal. The production is released on Deutsche Grammophon and can be listened to on Apple Music or Tidal (No. 1 and 3No. 2 and 4)."


Symphonic Orchestra Atmos Mix of Hilary Hahn Eclipse - Hendrik Jurich (hr)

"In this presentation, we'll talk about our approach to mixing Hilary Hahn’s Album “Eclipse” in Dolby Atmos (Apple Music since October 2022). We'll look into the Pro Tools Session and the Dolby Atmos Production Suite settings and discuss mastering and setting up the binaural parameters."


Recording Carmen with RTVE Symphony Orchestra and Chorus in Dolby Atmos – Manuel Herrero (RTVE), Ricardo Viñas (Dolby) and José Luís Crespo

"After almost two years of COVID-19 restrictions, in May 2022 RTVE had the opportunity to do a live recording of Bizet's Carmen in Madrid's Teatro Monumental with Dolby Atmos technology. The Dolby engineers who took part in this TV production will talk about techniques around their recording, including the placement of microphones as well as how they achieved their sound balance." (see video excerpts below)


Huw Robinson

Operations Manager, Music, BBC Audio, BBC (United Kingdom)

Werner Bleisteiner

Creative Technologist, BR (Germany)

Lars C. Brunn

Tonmeister, DR (Denmark)

Mikkel Nymand

Tonmeister, DR (Denmark)

Hendrik Jurich

Audio Engineer and Re-recording Mixer, hr (Germany)

Manuel Herrero Escrig

Deputy Artistic Director, RTVE Symphony Orchestra and Choir, RTVE (Spain)

Ricardo Viñas

Senior Sound Consultant, Dolby Atmos

José Luís Crespo

Sound Engineer, freelance

Hervé Déjardin

Audio Innovation Project Manager, Radio France (France)