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Shaping Public Service Media Organizations — Session II

© K. Mitch Hodge/Unsplash

What is the future shape of public service media organizations? What are the trends, drivers and pitfalls when designing and implementing new organization designs?

In September 2022, the Digital Transformation Initiative brought together 10 organizations to look into the big structural questions faced by public service media (PSM) as they transform (click here for more information). This session is a follow on to this event; it explores how workflows, the organization of teams, and leadership impact the transformation of PSM.

This event is a joint initiative between the EBU Technology and Innovation Department and the Digital Transformation Initiative, in collaboration with Prof. Lucy Küng.

A visit to the BBC Newsroom is planned on Thursday 2 March, followed by a working dinner hosted by EBU. The full-day workshop will take place on Friday 3 March at the BBC.

If these topics are relevant to your work and you would like to attend this meeting, please get in touch with Enrica Damini.



Senior PSM professionals looking at changing structures and processes of leadership, decision-making, business function, skills, and role design (maximum of two participants from one Member).