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Opera houses going green

Sustainability is a multi-faceted topic that is high on everyone’s agenda. But what does it mean in practice? After an inspiring session in June 2022 about music festivals that are known for their environmental awareness (watch the video), we will be showcasing how leading opera houses, such as London's Royal Opera House, Brussels' Royal Theatre of La Monnaie and the Sydney Opera House, are tackling climate challenges with eco-responsible production models.

We all have a responsibility to be good stewards of this earth and do what we can to safeguard it for future generations. Like many of our broadcasters, opera houses are looking at the carbon footprint of their buildings and activities as well as using their influence to educate audiences about environmental issues. I’m sure we have a lot to gain from each other’s experiences.” Noel Curran, EBU Director General

This session will exceptionally take place on a Tuesday.

In partnership with

EBU Technology & Innovation


Pia Halldorsson (moderator)

Head of Sustainability, DR (Denmark)

Emma Bombonato

Sustainability Manager, Sidney Opera House

Sophie Cornet

Sustainability Manager, La Monnaie, Brussels

Rachael O'Sullivan

Environmental Manager,, Royal Opera House, London (United Kingdom)