The Legal & Policy Assembly brings together senior legal and policy experts from across the EBU Membership. It is a forum for updating Members on latest developments impacting public service media in Europe and beyond, as well as an opportunity for sharing experiences and networking.


The 25th EBU Legal & Policy Assembly will take place in Amsterdam at The Hermitage Museum.


Our host, NPO, has agreed with two hotels in Amsterdam on preferentials rates for participants to the EBU Legal and Policy Assembly. You will find hereafter the two booking forms to be used for your booking, should you wish to book your room in one of these two hotels. Please note that availability of hotels is quite limited in May in Amsterdam due to several events taking place at that time of the year and that the preferential rates will be available until 24th March 2023 only. After this date, preferential rates will not be garanted and availability of rooms will be particularly limited. 


This spring session will include the election of the new Legal and Policy Committee, including the Chair and Vice-Chair. The agenda is available here (bilingual version).


The Assembly will elect the Chair, Vice-Chair and a maximum of 16 additional individuals. You will find all useful documents on the Legal and Policy Committee page as well as all the Candidacies for Legal & Policy Committee which are now available.

To help you choose on Election Day, we've compiled the dossiers of all 20 candidates (1 for Chair, 1 for Vice Chair and 18 for Committee Members). Voting will be in person only, and will follow the EBU Voting and election Bye-Laws. There will be 3 separate elections: Chair, Vice Chair and election of committee members.



Only EBU Members can attend this event, If you are an EBU Member and you would like to attend this event or for any other questions relating to this event, please contact Mélanie Alexandre.

Gallery of the event


  • 01_Media Freedom Act - Jenny Weinand, Thomas Bergmann & Isabelle Dochy (EBU Legal & Policy)Members Only
  • 02_Elections of the Legal & Policy Committee Mandate 2023-2025 - Richard Burnley (EBU, Director Legal and Policy)Members Only
  • 03.1_Artificial Intelligence - François Lavoir (Senior Adviser EU Policy, EBU)Members Only
  • 03.2a_Data Protection & Internal Policies (Tik Tok & ChatGPT Case) - Anne-Catherine Berg (Data Protection Officer, Senior Legal Counsel, EBU)Members Only
  • 03.2b_ Privacy to AI Framework - Joost Negenman (NPO Privacy & Data Ethics Officer)Members Only
  • 04.1_Content Regulation Update - AVMSD Implementation report - Jenny Weinand & Thomas Bergmann (EBU Legal & Policy Department)Members Only
  • 04.2_Political Advertising - Julie Lenoir & Sophia Wistehube (EBU Legal & Policy Department)Members Only
  • 04.3_Intellectual Property - Vincent Sneed (Senior Policy Adviser, EBU)Members Only
  • 04.4_International Files - Sophia Wistehube (Legal Counsel, EBU)Members Only
  • 07.1a_Digital Markets Act Implementation - Alexandre Fall & François Lavoir (EBU Legal & Policy Department)Members Only
  • 07.1b_Media Markets Act Implementation - UK Digital Regulation: Insight for PSM - Joanna O'Sullivan (ITV Head of Media Policy and Regulatory AffairsMembers Only
  • 07.2_Distribution / Spectrum - Ausra Semeniene & Vincent Sneed (EBU Legal & Policy Department)Members Only
  • 07.3_Sustainability - Sophia Wistehube (Legal Counsel, EBU)Members Only

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