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AIDI workshop on Generative AI

Artist: Domhnall Malone

This workshop organized by the AI and Data Initiative in collaboration with the News and Media departments, focused on the challenges, opportunities and impact of Generative AI on public service media - from ethical, strategic and creative perspectives. This event open to all EBU Members included both expert presentations and group discussions.

Invited speakers shared their expertise on the topic, in particular:

  • Use cases and what the risks and ethical implications of Generative AI mean for media organizations and professions
  • Insights into the creative process of using Generative AI in the arts and as creative tool in public service media work
  • Concrete examples of Generative AI use in PSM production and audience reception
  • Ethical considerations regarding Generative AI and journalism, in particular questions of transparency, credibility, and misinformation
  • The latest legal and policy developments taking place at EU level regarding Generative AI systems and how to navigate them

Check out the programme for more information.


Yves Bergquist

Director of AI & Blockchain in Media Project, University of Southern California's Entertainment Technology Center (ETC@USC)

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Hilary Campilan

Senior creative, Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)

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François Lavoir

Senior EU Policy Adviser

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David Corral Hernandez

Responsable Innovacion Contenidos, RTVE

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Antonio Arcidiacono

Director of Technology & Innovation

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Lalya Gaye


AI and Data Initiative Coordinator, EBU Lead for vera.ai project

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Wouter Quartier

Senior Manager Digital, Transformation and Platforms, EBU

Olle Zachrison

News Commisioner, Swedish Radio, Swedish Radio

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Justyna Kurczabinska

Senior Editor of News Strategy and Development

Antoine Multone

Director of Couleur 3, RTS

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Ruth Kühn

Senior Technology Manager, DW

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Sébastien Noir

Head of Software Engineering, EBU

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