More than 50 international relations specialists from 28 member organizations took part in the 2023 edition of the International Relations Radio Plenary, hosted by Rai Radio and Prix Italia in Bari, on 3 and 4 October.

A new more inclusive format allowed IR specialists from all areas, including radio and TV, corporate and institutional to have broad discussions around the roles and structures of International relations departments in their organizations, highlighting challenges and opportunities, through workshops, presentations and panel discussions.

Other topics included leadership and transformation, media intelligence as well as updates on music, and sport and news projects.


  • Euroradio Contact Engineers - Pavel Balíček, Vice-Chair Euroradio Contact Engineer, CZCR  Members Only
  • Eurovision News Updates - Emilie De Schaetzen, Senior Editor News Events and Content, EBU Members Only
  • Public service media challenges and trends - Florence Hartmann, Manager of Media Intelligence Service, EBU Members Only
  • Czech Radio 100 Anniversary - Adela Kalibova, Head of International Relations, CZCR Members Only
  • Digital Insights: Radio Unit - Edita Kudláčová, Head of Radio, EBU Members Only
  • A European Perspective - Belen Lopez Garrido, Editorial Manager, Media, EBU Members Only
  • Digital, Transformation and Platforms - Wouter Quartier, Head of Digital, Transformation and Platforms, EBU Members Only
  • Understanding the Function of IR in Member Organizations, Head of Foreign Cooperation, UA:PBC - Tetyana Syruk Members Only
  • All Brands and Channels - Paula De Geest, Station Producer, NPO Members Only
  • EBU Music Update - Pascale Labrie, Head of Music, EBU and Laurent Marceau, Editor, Live Music & Projects, Popular Music, EBU  Members Only