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69th Legal and Policy Committee Meeting

The Legal and Policy Committee is a body elected by the Legal and Public Affairs Assembly.

Its general role is to promote and defend public service media in Europe, particularly vis-à-vis the European Union, as well as to establish and implement the EBU's European legal and public affairs strategy.

The committee analyzes specific topics and makes proposals on sectoral strategy; it can also formulate official positions.


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Connection details 

If you are a Member of the Legal and Policy Committee and need to be provided with the connection details, please contact Mélanie Alexandre


  • 03. Media Freedom Act - Update - Jenny Weinand (Senior Legal Counsel) & Thomas Bergmann (Senior EU Policy Adviser) (EBU Legal and Policy)Members Only
  • 05. Distribution - Spectrum: Feedback on WRC - Ausra Semeniene (Senior Legal Counsel) & Vincent Sneed (Senior EU Policy Adviser) (EBU Legal & Policy)Members Only
  • 06. Update on Council of Europe - Sophia Wistehube (Legal Counsel) (EBU Legal & Policy)Members Only