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AIDI Spotlight on CBC/Radio-Canada's AI work

AIDI Spotlights are Members-only sync calls, in which a Member organization's work on AI and data is put under the spotlight each month.

In this month's AIDI Spotlight, Canadian public service broadcasters CBC/Radio-Canada will share their approach to AI, encapsulated within a four-pillar strategy. Topics will include:

  • CBC/Radio-Canada's context: mandate, structure, operating conditions and competitive environment
  • AI approach including ongoing pilots and initiatives, early lessons learned
  • Navigating the complexities and challenges - internal and external

Please get in touch with Lalya Gaye for the registration link if you're not yet an AIDI member and wish to attend this event.

(The image was generated by CBC/Radio-Canada using artificial intelligence and is intended solely to promote this presentation. Any resemblance to a person or copyrighted work is unintentional and entirely coincidental. It was generated via ChatGPT, using the prompt "create an image in the expressionism style of a young person of age of mixed ethnicity in close up looking at a tablet, surrounded by digital media video and streaming audio in the background")