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New Radio Day

The annual New Radio Day is the meeting point for those working in radio innovation across EBU organizations. Radio geeks and audio nerds – in the best possible sense of those words – will find their community here, exploring and creating the future together. 

To reflect the innovative spirit of its participants, the New Radio Day has been run as an unconference for the past two editions. 

We are delighted to confirm that the 2024 EBU New Radio Day will be hosted by Radio France in Paris. 

New Radio Day has established itself as an inspiring and highly productive meeting point for all those interested in innovation in radio and audio. The 2024 edition will look at recent projects exploring smart ways to use AI in radio production and audio content creation, explore what works and what doesn’t for our own listening apps, and consider the latest developments on the all-important topic of in-car radio.

Thanks to the unconference format, which we’re adopting for the third year running, you can put your most important topics on the agenda. Complemented by a set of inspiring keynote presentations on the opening afternoon, our unconference will allow you to dive into a full day of highly interactive and engaging discussions and brainstorms. Join us!

To take part in the pre-event brainstorming around potential topics for discussion have a look at our wiki page (Members only).

The event will start early afternoon on 16 October afternoon and will end at 6pm CEST on 17 October. As you know, it’s very important that all participants stay until the end of the day, for the closing circle. Therefore, please make sure you reserve a full day for the unconference on 17 October and take your flight tickets accordingly.

For those of you who would like to attend the Paris Motor Show, taking place from 14 to 20 October 2024, you might be interested to stay even longer in Paris. We are exploring the possibility to secure tickets for EBU members. We will get back to you with additional information in due time.

You can find hotel recommendations in the document section below. Practical information and preparation details for the event will be shared shortly.


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Previous editions

Please note that NRD 2021 and NDR 2022 editions were organised during the Digital Media Days


  • SR's Vision - Current situation and plans for the future - Tomas GranrydMembers Only
  • Certification Process for Radio Skills - Ludovic GustinMembers Only
  • SWR MIX - Designing SWR's next-gen radio experiences - Christian HufnagelMembers Only
  • Learn German with DW - New formats for smart speakers - Andreas GieferMembers Only
  • Welcome and Introduction - Developments and Challenges - JP CoakleyMembers Only
  • Audio is Coming Home: BBC, the Audience and the World Cup - Brett SpencerMembers Only
  • Tagesticket - The Day Ticket, a daily podcast briefing - Philipp GrammesMembers Only
  • Open.radio - Ben PoorMembers Only
  • Digital Transformation Initiative - Ezra EemanMembers Only
  • The Radio Trust Paradox - Carina HauptMembers Only
  • Seeking Scientific Truth - Lucas MengetMembers Only
  • Using Apps for the Czech Presidential Election - Jiří ŠpačekMembers Only
  • Czech Radio 1968 Project - Edita Kudláčová - Damien MachajMembers Only
  • Channel Planning after DAB Implementation - Line Gevelt AndersenMembers Only
  • Radio is Community - Joseph HobanMembers Only
  • Getting in Shape for Digital: New services, new structures - Adeline BevingMembers Only
  • Getting in Shape for Digital: New services, new structures - Jim JenningsMembers Only
  • Getting in Shape for Digital: New services, new structures - Bakel WaldenMembers Only
  • Getting in Shape for Digital: New services, new structures - Piotr WawrowskiMembers Only
  • Atomized News: Choose and Mix Your News - Tomas GranrydMembers Only
  • Orpheus - Object-based Audio - Werner BleisteinerMembers Only
  • Tarmac - Visual Radio RTBF New Studio - Laurent FinetMembers Only
  • Voice Control on Broadcast Radio - Ben PoorMembers Only
  • ARD Audiothek - Julia GresförderMembers Only
  • New BBC iPlayer Product: BBC Sounds - Eli SessionsMembers Only
  • Audience Measurement in the Digital Age - Neal CantleMembers Only