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New Radio Day

All about innovation in radio, New Radio Day is a place for EBU Members to discuss, discover and imagine new ways of producing audio and reaching audiences. Radio geeks and audio nerds – in the best possible sense – will find their community here, together exploring and creating the future together. 

Previous editions

Please note that NRD 2021 and NDR 2022 editions were organised during the Digital Media Days


  • "We're going to bring radio listening to Spotify" - David Fernandez Quijada Members Only
  • The New App for Italian Broadcasters - Michele Gulinucci Members Only
  • Latest Radio Developments at the Rai - Giovanni Ridolfi Members Only
  • Optimizing Sound for Smart Speakers - Tomas Granyd Members Only
  • Facilitating Alexa Conversations (Radio Innovation Fund) - Frizz Lauterbach Members Only
  • The Rebirth of Football Coverage - Justine Gheeraert, Matthieu Beauval Members Only
  • The Future of Radio: Skipping, Personalization, Hype and Expectations - Daniel Freytag Members Only
  • Going Digital - How do organizations need to change to master digitalization? - Dr Lucy Küng Members Only
  • How are EBU Members driving innovation? - Sarah Geeroms Members Only
  • Comparing Notes: Social Media - Schiwa Schlei, Ondrej Lasák Members Only
  • Meeting the Giants: Where are we? - Ezra Eeman Members Only
  • Radio on the Road: Engaging the Audience - Filippo Solibello, Aled Haydn Jones Members Only
  • BBC Sounds: One Year On - Ben Chapman, Elisha Sessions Members Only
  • Radio Listening over TV - Jirí Malina, Jan Misák Members Only
  • Understanding the User: The NPO App (EBU Innovation Fund) - Alexander Beckx Members Only
  • Tag X: Interactive Radio Drama - Tim Pfeilschifter Members Only
  • Think Radio - Katsu Lask, Johanna Leuschen Members Only
  • Digital Radio/DAB+: Progress in Switzerland - Philippa de Roten, Luc Mariot Members Only
  • DAB Emergency Functions - Havard Wien Members Only
  • Radio in Cars: What's the Future? - Kevin Nolan Members Only
  • Radio in cars. What's the Digital Future? - Frank Nowack, in conversation with Graham DIxon Members Only
  • Bavarian Radio 5G Pilot Project - Helwin Lesch Members Only