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The EBU continues to monitor the situation and assess the potential impact of COVID-19 on its events in Geneva and across Europe in line with WHO guidelines and updates from national authorities. Please get in touch with your EBU event coordinator in case of any changes to the event programme and/or discuss your concerns and, if necessary, make alternative arrangements.

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Forecast is our annual seminar that discusses how media distribution is evolving and how the changes affect different platforms.

Distribution strategies need to adapt to audience trends and to innovative technologies


Group Meeting - Invitation Only

Legal and Policy Committee Meeting

The Legal and Policy Committee is a body elected by the Legal and Policy Assembly


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Assembly - Invitation Only

73rd General Assembly

The winter assembly offers heads of public service media the opportunity to network and discuss the EBU's priorities for the upcoming year. Join us at our headquarters in Geneva.

Location: Geneva

Group Meeting -

Eurovision Children's Drama & Documentary Series

Production meeting for the 2015 Eurovision Children's Drama and Documentary Series, and screenings of the films from 2014

Location: BBC MediacityUK, Salford/Manchester

Group Meeting -

Eurovision Youth News Exchange Annual Meeting

News for kids and teens – The expertise of the Eurovision Youth News Exchange group

Location: BBC MediacityUK, Salford/Manchester

Group Meeting - Members Only

Eurovision Children Experts Annual Meeting

The focus of the meeting this year is on multi-platform programmes, on successful radio/TV/online collaborations in the area of children’s programming and on determining what the needs, requirements and challenges are within the different children’s channels and departments today and in the near future, how these can be faced and how members adapt to the fast pace.

Location: BBCMediacityUK, Salford/Manchester

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Members Only Event - Invitation Only

Civil Society Media Seminar 2014: European media and informed citizenship

The EBU is a partner to the 8th civil society media seminar, organised annually by the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) for communication experts and media specialists. This year's seminar will focus on news reporting on the European Union, both within the EU itself and in its neighbouring countries. Several specialists from the EBU and its membership will be giving their perspective on these subejcts as panel speakers.

Location: Milan, Grand Conference Hall of the Province of Milan

Group Meeting -

Euroradio Music Seminar

Location: Geneva

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Tom McGann Memorial Summit: Engineering the Future

The Tom McGann Memorial Summit is a new initiative from the IABM Educational Foundation1, t...

Members Only Event -

World TV Day

In 2013, the EBU joined forces with EGTA and ACT to promote UN World TV Day on 21 November and honour a medium that holds a central place in the lives of millions of people, and to highlight the many services it offers in this era of multi-screening.

Members Only Event -

Innovation, Evolution & Convergence: Ensuring access to 'next generation video' anytime, anywhere and on any device

As part of the 6th European Innovation Summit and European Satellite Day 2014, the EBU is partner to a policy debate in the European Parliament on the future distribution of video content organised by the European Satellite Operators Association and hosted by MEPs Sabine Verheyen and Lambert van Nistelrooij.

Location: European Parliament, Brussels (Room to be confirmed shortly)

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Partnership Programme: Public service media and building trust with people

The EBU Partnership Programme, in cooperation with EU, OSCE, UNESCO and RTSH, is holding a workshop in Tirana, Albania looking at best practices on accountability mechanisms, interactivity with citizens, and dealing with audience expectations, requests and complaints. Speakers will include representatives of the OSCE Presence in Albania, UNESCO, representatives from the media ombudsmen institutions from Switzerland, Slovenia and Germany, and media professionals from ARD/ZDF, ORF and the  BBC. Other participants will include managers, members of steering boards, producers, PR managers and audience members. The meeting is part of the EBU-EU project entitled "Enabling the Democratic Role of Public Service Media in the EU Accession countries". 

Location: Tirana

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