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29 Mar 2017
Lunchtime Talk: How is Europe's media fighting fake news and disinformation?
Our Lunchtime Talk will be giving the floor to key media organizations to present how they are trying to make accurate facts and informed citizenship prevail in the digital environment.

Location: EBU Brussels Office

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30 - 31 Mar 2017
Local & Regional Radio Seminar
The next Euroradio Local & Regional Radio (LRR) Seminar, entitled "Serving Communities", will be held in Bucharest on 30-31 March 2017 at the kind invitation of Radio România.

Location: Bucharest

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30 - 31 Mar 2017
The Voice of Public Service Media
Where communications professionals from public service media organizations come together to network, learn and share.

Location: Rome / Italy

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04 - 05 Apr 2017
Erfurt Pre-School Item Exchange 2017
Programmes Exchange for pre-school magazines from the whole world. Join the 2017 Eurovision Pre...

Location: Erfurt, Germany

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04 Apr 2017
Eurovision Academy committee meeting
The committee provides Eurovision Academy with strategic management support to achieve long-term benefits for EBU Members.

Location: BBC, Birmingham

06 - 07 Apr 2017
13th Legal and Public Affairs Assembly
The Assembly brings together Members' legal advisers and public affairs experts to approve the sector's annual priorities, objectives goals, official positions and action plans

Location: Alcalá de Henares (Madrid)

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18 - 20 Apr 2017
InnerSource Commons Summit

The InnerSourceCommons (ISC) organization and the EBU are organizing the Spring 2017 InnerSource Commons Summit; bringing Open Source best practices to companies' internal software development.

Location: EBU, Geneva

21 Apr 2017
Executive Board Meeting
The Executive Board is responsible for ensuring the implementation of the EBU’s strategy and policies as put into action by the Management of the EBU. The board meets around 7 times per year.

Location: To be confirmed

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03 - 04 May 2017
23rd Radio Assembly
The 23rd Radio Assembly will take place on 3 and 4 May in Pilsen, Czech Republic, hosted by the Czech Radio.

Location: Pilsen, Czech Republic

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03 - 04 May 2017
BroadThinking 2017

BroadThinking is the seminar where broadcast meets broadband, a key event for anyone interested in hybrid services, interactivity, second screen, CDNs, IP delivery and more

Location: EBU, Geneva

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24 Mar 2017
Religion and Media: Exploring the Issues
This one-day seminar at the EBU offices in Brussels on 24 March will consider media coverage of issues around religion. Our aim is to explore the editorial challenges and dilemmas which public service broadcasters face when dealing with religious issues in the contemporary world, and to provide a space to exchange best practice and share case studies. Broadcasters and academics from a variety of countries will reflect on how their experience can be of value in developing a strategy for this area.

Location: EBU Brussels Office, Avenue des Arts 56, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

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23 - 24 Mar 2017
EBU/VRT Workshop: Next Generation Public Service Media

A free workshop to explore the infrastructure and workflows of the future for Public Service Media.

Location: VRT, Brussels

23 - 24 Mar 2017
20th Sports Assembly
The Sports Assembly brings together EBU broadcasting and sports federation executives from around the world. This meeting gives delegates the opportunity to network and discuss the major challenges affecting sports rights and sports broadcasting today.

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

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21 - 22 Mar 2017
Big Data Conference 2017
This conference will be the main highlight of our second Big Data Week. Since its launch in 2016, our Big Data Initiative has grown in strength with more EBU Members involved than ever sharing best practices on the legal, technical and societal challenges for Europe's public service media.

Location: Geneva

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22 Feb 2017
Executive Board Meeting
The Executive Board is responsible for ensuring the implementation of the EBU’s strategy and policies as put into action by the Management of the EBU. The board meets around 7 times per year.

Location: EBU Brussels Office

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21 - 22 Feb 2017
Media Cyber Security Seminar 2017

The EBU Media Cyber Security Seminar is the first of its kind, specifically dedicated to media companies and hosted in Europe.  This event will provide hands-on security tutorials as well as guidance on how to mitigate the increasing online security threat towards media companies.

Location: EBU, Geneva

16 - 17 Feb 2017
86th Eurovision TV Committee
The Eurovision TV Committee oversees the operations of Eurovision TV and assists in steering the operational and strategic direction.

Location: Prague

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15 - 16 Feb 2017
Super Execs 2nd alumni reunion
An annual alumni reunion where all former participants to the Executive Programme meet to work together on common projects

Location: Helskinki

13 Feb 2017
World Radio Day 2017
World Radio Day marks the anniversary of the first broadcast by UN Radio in 1946, when it transmitted its first call sign: "This is the United Nations calling the peoples of the world." This year's project initiated by the EBU, entitled "My Radio", is enriched by four videos, which can be used on social media for advocacy in the world of radio. The other contributions are audio recordings in various languages, national and/or English, from Members of the EBU and ASBU (Arab States Broadcasting Union).
10 Feb 2017
Meeting of the Legal and Policy Committee
Elected by the Legal and Public Affairs Assembly, the Committee meets several times a year to discuss priorities, develop strategies for promoting PSM, formulate official positions and coordinate key messages.

Location: Brussels

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