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22 - 23 Mar 2018
22nd Sports Assembly
The Sports Assembly brings together EBU broadcasting and sports federation executives from around the world. This meeting gives delegates the opportunity to network and discuss the major challenges affecting sports rights and sports broadcasting today.

Location: Berlin, Germany

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22 - 23 Mar 2018
Radio Ensemble Seminar
The next EBU Radio Ensemble Seminar will be held in Athens, Greece, at the kind invitation of ERT on 22-23 March 2018.

Location: Athens

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27 - 28 Mar 2018
BroadThinking 2018

BroadThinking is the seminar where broadcast meets broadband and a key event for anyone interested in 5G, CDNs, streaming technology, interactivity and more.

Location: EBU Geneva

18 - 20 Apr 2018
Media Summit 2018
The EBU Media Summit will bring together senior executives working in the Content & Audiences communities from EBU Members to discuss the shared content strategic challenges and opportunities to reach and engage with all audiences in the currently changing media landscape.

Location: Brussels, Belgium

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23 - 24 Apr 2018
EBU Connect 2018
The conference brings together more than 150 professionals from PSM across Europe for a packed two-day schedule highlighting innovation, creativity and excellence in broadcast marketing

Location: Madrid, Spain

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26 - 27 Apr 2018
Legal and Policy Assembly
The Legal & Policy Assembly (previously the Legal & Public Affairs Assembly) brings together senior legal and policy experts from EBU Members and reflects the work carried out by the new EBU Legal and Policy Department. This department combines the former Legal and Public Affairs teams under one Director, Richard Burnley.

Location: EBU Headquarters, Geneva

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03 - 04 May 2018
24th Finance Assembly
The Finance Assembly provides a unique opportunity for finance professionals to discuss best practices, strategic planning as well as common challenges and opportunities that are transforming the broadcasting industry.

Location: Marrakesh, Morocco

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14 - 16 May 2018
News Contacts Meeting 2018
The Eurovision News Contacts Meeting brings together delegates from news, sports, special events and digital media for two days of sharing, learning and networking.

Location: Cascais, Portugal

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05 - 07 Jun 2018
MDN Workshop 2018

The EBU yearly "Metadata Hands On Workshop" is organised by the EBU Metadata Developer Network (MDN).

This year, Day 1 (June 5th) will be dedicated to Artificial Intelligence demonstrations "sharing and learning hands-on!".

The conference will be on Day 2 (6th June) and Day 3 (7th June), as usual diving into technical details as developers love it.

Location: EBU, Geneva

07 - 08 Jun 2018
24th EBU Technical Assembly

The 24th Technical Assembly will take place at MediaCityUK in Salford/Manchester, UK, kindly hosted by BBC in in conjunction with ITV and RTE.

Location: Salford/Manchester, UK

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19 Nov 2007
Forecast 2007

An audience of over 120 participants from 29 countries assembled at the EBU headquarters from 20-21 November for Forecast 2007.

Location: Geneva (CH)

11 - 12 Oct 2007
Eurovision ACADEMY Assembly
30 Sep 2007
Open Source Software 2007
The speakers seemed to agree that Open Source is about the rights to: 1. use, 2. study, 3. change, 4. distribute the software as you desire.

Location: Geneva (CH)

06 Sep 2007
EBU Village @ IBC 2007

The EBU Village (stand 10.411) once again hosted its crowd-drawing HDTV demonstrations at IBC 2007 - and there was more...

Location: Amsterdam (NL)

20 Jun 2007
Digital Platform Seminar

New communication technologies, modern media, the Internet, etc. are expected to meet consumers’ demand for seamless, converged and user-friendly digital tools.

Location: EBU (CH)

17 Jun 2007
Networks 2007

An overview of the capabilities of IP networking was presented using practical examples.

Location: Geneva (CH)

01 May 2007
IP and Broadcasting

The impact of IP on broadcasting delivery mechanisms was the central theme of this IP and Broadcasting Workshop.

Location: Geneva (CH)

25 Apr 2007
International Broadcasting

The EBU Technical specialised meeting on International Broadcasting concentrated on "delivery methods" for international Broadcasting and their evolution.

Location: Geneva (CH)

28 Mar 2007
Multimedia Meets Radio

This meeting looked at the impact of Web 2.0 on radio. Topics on the agenda included podcasting, blogging, peer-to-peer distribution and user-generated content.

Location: Geneva (CH)

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