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The EBU continues to monitor the situation and assess the potential impact of COVID-19 on its events in Geneva and across Europe in line with WHO guidelines and updates from national authorities. Please get in touch with your EBU event coordinator in case of any changes to the event programme and/or discuss your concerns and, if necessary, make alternative arrangements.

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Members Only Event - Members Only

Kids Content Pitching Session

Join us to learn more about three new programmes for kids: "Akesi and the Congo River" (Tales of Us), "MEGA-PALS" (20STM Pictures and 108Media) and "BeddyByes" (Jam Media).


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Group Meeting - Invitation Only

EBU Children's Drama & Documentary Series Screenings

This day of meetings is the opportunity for all commissioners, producers and directors, having contributed to the 2019 drama and/or documentary series, to come together to screen and discuss all the finished films produced over the past year.

Location: Glasgow, United Kingdom

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Members Only Event - Invitation Only

EBU Kids Strategic Workshop

The EBU Kids strategic workshop brings together channel managers and decision makers from the PSM Kids community.

Location: Paris, France

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Members Only Event - Invitation Only

EBU Kids News (YNE) Annual Workshop

This event gathers once a year very dedicated news editors and producers of children news across the EBU membership. They meet in order to exchange knowledge and best practices and discuss their current challenges, such as planning news on different platforms, reporting about difficult/hard topics for a kids audience, producing the best news storytelling on social media, being relevant to and staying connected with their young audience.

Location: Paris, France

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Members Only Event - Invitation Only

Kids and YouTube Workshop

First workshop with representatives of the EBU Kids community and representatives of YouTube EMEA. EBU Members exchanged experiences and discussed challenges and potential solutions with YouTube EMEA’s Head of Family and Learning Partnerships.

Location: Madrid, Spain

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