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It took us only 5 days to sell out the 30 seats of the Big Data and Society workshop the RTBF will host on 12 and 13 December in Brussels.
The demand was actually so high that we decided to almost double the capacity of the event. More than 50 participants from 16 countries will attend. Despite this increase we unfortunately had to refuse participants who were on the waiting list.

The US Presidential elections shed light on how algorithms could be polarizing opinions. This phenomenon, the reality of which is still debated, is called "filter bubbles". Not only will we deal on 12 and 13 December with the latter, but also with the negative side effects of recommendation systems and more generally with the role of technology in our society: how we may be giving up our freedom to artificial intelligence, and how ethical aspects need to be taken into consideration when conceiving algorithms.

We've assembled a range of amazing experts who will share their knowledge with us. Their presentations will pave the way for fruitful reflections during the creativity workshop that will take place on 13 December.

I look very much forward to welcoming you at RTBF in December.
All the best, Pierre-Nicolas Schwab, RTBF Big Data / CRM Manager

SAVE THE DATE! EBU Big Data Conference 2017

The EBU Big Data Conference will take place on 21 and 22 March 2017 in Geneva, as part of the second edition of the EBU Big Data Week. Watch this space for updates, event agenda and registration details.

The EBU will also host the 'Digital Next' event in collaboration with EGTA – the European Trade association of TV & radio sales houses – on 23 March in Geneva.

EBU BDI Workshop presentations available: Data-driven business and technologies

EBU members met in YLE headquarters in Helsinki to discuss and learn about the use of data-driven technologies such as cloud computing and data-hosting online platforms to support data-driven strategies for Public Service Media (PSM). Event page & presentations

Big Data in focus at 12th EBU Legal and Public Affairs Assembly
The role of big data in informing citizens and providing recommendations came in sharp focus during the 12th EBU Legal and Public Affairs Assembly.
Max Schrems, a well-known data protection advocate , joined a panel discussion moderated covering the EU-US data protection Shield and the development of data usage principles which reflect public service values and respect user privacy. Event page - Presentations - Interview with Max Schrems

Council of Europe to issue guidelines on data protection and big data
The Council of Europe has opened a consultation to develop guidelines on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data in a world of big data. The EBU is currently preparing a response to the consultation.
EBU Digital Media Days 2017 to address big data
Join us in Lisbon for the first-ever EBU Digital Media Days! This event, which will include a session on big data, will bring together all the existing digital communities in public service media from all over Europe and be a chance to exchange fresh ideas with communities and expert groups in news, entertainment, fiction, music, big data, training, sports and many more. Event link and registration

New to the EBU Big Data Initiative?
To find out more about why big data has become a major talking point for public servide media and a strategic priority for the EBU, feel free to:
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