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EBU Big Data Conference - 28 February - 1 March  2018 in Geneva
Discover how to target the right investments and implement data strategies for public service media and hear from the most renowned experts from industry, legal, marketing, policy and academia. 


Key topics for the EBU Big Data Conference 2018:

  • Creating an appetite for data-driven strategies across organizations
  • Rethinking the organizational chart to mobilize the potential of data
  • Helping staff buy into big data strategies
  • Using new measurement metrics to support programming and production
  • Helping newsrooms embrace the potential of data journalism
  • Offering users fully personalized services
  • Catering for the specific needs of younger audiences

Media Innovation in the age of AI, social media and fake news - 2 March with EPFL and MediaRoad
To close the third edition of the EBU Big Data week on 2 March, the "Media Innovation in the Age of AI, social media and fake news " Conference, co-organized by the EPFL and the  MediaRoad project, will explore how stakeholders in the media sector can take advantage of the latest data-driven innovations and research to enhance the experience for the end-user.

The conference will gather key experts from the research and media technology ecosystem, from professors to labs, startups and innovative media technology companies. Keynote speakers will include Pierre Vandergheynst, EPFL Vice-President for Education, and Pascal Crittin, Director General RTS.

The 'Media Innovation' Conference will focus in particular on:
  • The future of media services requires a strong and steady flow of innovation; how can research institutions and the academic world help? 
  • Fake news has become a major issue in the age of digital information: how can media institutions respond?   
  • How do you leverage Artificial Intelligence and data to offer better content?

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