November 2018
The BDI Newsletter comes to bring you the essential news on Big Data in Public Service Media. In this edition you will find:


The EBU’s Big Data Initiative is back – and the BDI Newsletter too.
Before the summer break of 2018 the core group of the Big Data Initiative met. We decided to revise our terms of reference and extend our scope. We also aim to foster a comprehensive understanding across the EBU and within Member organizations with regard to data and artificial intelligence/machine learning-related issues of relevance in the sector.

We will continue to organize on-site workshops, in synergy with other events and groups, and training events and provide regular updates at industry events and conferences. The EBU, for example, has conducted a very successful workshop on the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Media, which resulted in tangible actions, and we will closely follow this work.

You are very encouraged to play an active role and to provide feedback to us on the key developments and topics you would like to be covered.

Looking forward to a proactive dialogue,

Dr Pierre Nicolas Schwab
Chairman of the BDI Initiative and RTBF
Dr Hans Hoffmann
Senior Manager @ EBU Technology and Innovation


Impact of AI on Media Workshop

On Nov. 8-9, the EBU organized a workshop on the Impact of AI on Media, bringing together over 50 professionals and academics from over 30 organizations. They presented innovations, exchanged ideas and worked together assessing both the challenges and potential AI represents for Public Service Media (PSM) in the present and in the future. Watch the videos and read the documents!

The Workshop covered a wide array of areas from distinguishing hype from reality, AI's potential for improving content and automating processes, to the ethical and technical problems linked to AI.

Participants also worked together in 4 work sessions to produce tangible actions on what PSM should take to thrive in an AI driven world.


The MIT is using crowdsourcing to explore ethical dilemmas and human moral decision-making to improve AI.

You can answer their moral dilemmas on the Moral Machine

RecSys 2018

The 12th edition of the ACM RecSys conference on recommender systems took place in Vancouver last month, with Pierre-Nicolas Schwab representing the BDI. Read his articles about the conference on his website.
European Big Data Value Forum 2018

The European Big Data Value Forum 2018 just wrapped up. Policy-makers, experts and businesses came together to Vienna for the three day event organized by the European Commission and Austria. Find their presentations, innovations, discussions and results on their website.
Declaration on Ethics and Data Protection in AI

The International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners (ICDPPC) proposes a new guideline that ensures human rights in the development of AI in its 40th Conference.


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