This is a celebration of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ as heard on millions of radios around the world.

Radio is the first true immersive format

Radio delivered passionate commentary and analysis - in a 1-1 relationship with fans listening on headphones in their beds or in their cars. Fans, hanging on every word of the commentator, waiting for that exclamation of a goal.

Radio is the fastest medium

This World Cup taught us that radio is capable of delivering news of a goal to listeners at home faster than any other medium. Satellite delays and streaming latency have shown us that radio deserves its status of most trusted source.

Radio is alive and well

This World Cup has also taught us that radio is actively promoting itself on a variety of social, video and audio platforms. In a world full of distractions, radio is making sure that its voice is being heard on all devices.

Radio is innovative, creative and passionate

The success of this World Cup on the radio was driven by producers, engineers and journalists, all seeking to ensure that those penalties, goals, cheers and tears will live-on in listeners' memories for many years to come.

Radio is about working together

With special thanks to all of the broadcasters who created, shared, innovated and worked alongside each other to make the World Cup what it was for millions of fans back home.


The EBU Radio Sport department provided over 900 audio files for radio stations to use in their daily broadcasts. These files included preview interviews, vox pops, foreign goal commentary and team press conferences. Thank you to all of those broadcasters who trusted us to deliver content and to provide logistical and editorial support throughout the tournament.

We invite you now to sit back, relax and enjoy two podcasts produced by us. The first episode looks at how broadcasters prepare for a big event like the World Cup.

In this second edition, published just one week after the World Cup final, we look at how the tournament was experienced through the eyes of a Russian Journalist, a Croatian broadcaster and two French commentators.

We hope these podcasts and this compilation of content have helped to demonstrate the strength of the radio sport community around the world - but particularly the strength of public service broadcasting in Europe.