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Formations adaptées aux besoins du marché de l’audiovisuel et conçues par l’EBU Academy

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Technologies Numériques - 21 sept. - 07 oct. 2020
Preparing your move to Live IP TV Production 
This e-Master Class is designed to support EBU Members in their transition to a full live-IP production environment. It will provide a high-level strategic and technological overview on the issue and provide an...
Technologies Numériques - 22 - 24 sept. 2020
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for PSM Postponed
Discover the main tools of machine learning and AI and how to apply them in applications such as fake-news detectors and facial recognition systems
Protection & Sécurité - 22 - 24 sept. 2020
HEST Refresher 
If you did HEST a few years ago perhaps it's time for a 2-day safety and risk management refresher course
Création et Programmation - 24 - 25 sept. 2020
Explainer videos: Visual journalism for social platforms Cancelled
Format your factual content to better appeal to digital audiences
Actualités & Journalisme - 25 sept. 2020
Regional Learning Hub with GPB: Five steps to build constructive, solutions-focused stories 
This online learning session is part of the EBU Academy's Regional Learning Hubs and will take place at 11:00-12:00 CET via Zoom. It is the third session on this topic.  EBU Faculty member Mark Egan will...
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Technologies Numériques - 14 - 15 mars 2019
EBU Implementing Open Innovation Themed Visit @Radio France 
Join this visit to Radio France Digital's headquarters and learn about their idea accelerator and their strategies for driving and implementing innovative products and services.
Marques & Valeurs - 04 - 05 mars 2019
Design thinking and innovation 
Design thinking has the power to generate new ideas in programmes, formats or strategies
Création et Programmation - 28 févr. - 01 mars 2019
Explainer videos: visual journalism for social platforms 
Format your factual content to reach social audiences
Technologies Numériques - 18 - 19 févr. 2019
How to create engaging Instagram Stories 
Reach a younger audience with engaging and fresh storytelling
Création et Programmation - 14 - 15 févr. 2019
Give traditional TV shows a new life with social media 
Plan and drive successful social media around TV documentaries, magazines and fiction
Marques & Valeurs - 05 - 07 févr. 2019
Strategic Advocacy for Public Media 
Strengthen influence strategies to sustain public service media
Management & Leadership - 24 - 25 janv. 2019
Super Execs 4th alumni reunion 
An annual alumni reunion where all former participants to the Executive Programme meet to work together on common projects
Technologies Numériques - 13 - 14 déc. 2018
Preparing your move to Live-IP TV production 
FULLY BOOKED - Next sessions: 29-30 April 2019 & 24-25 June 2019
Création et Programmation - 10 - 11 déc. 2018
Who wants to be a fast and flexible mobile journalist? 
Build video, audio and photo blocks to create engaging news content
Management & Leadership - 28 - 30 nov. 2018
Training for trainers 
Become an in-house trainer and start teaching!