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Formations adaptées aux besoins du marché de l’audiovisuel et conçues par l’EBU Academy

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Technologies Numériques - 29 - 30 avr. 2019
Preparing your move to Live-IP TV production 
Technology, workflow and market essentials for networked media production
Technologies Numériques - 01 - 02 mai 2019
Going Mobile: The smartphone is your Swiss Army Knife for powerful newsgathering 
Harness the power of your smartphone and get ahead in mobile journalism
Protection & Sécurité - 07 - 08 mai 2019
13th Network & Learn for security officers 
Most crisis get very little warning. Being prepared allows journalists and support crews to cover such events in a safe, responsible and effective manner
Technologies Numériques - 13 - 14 mai 2019
How to harness the power of online communities 
Step-up your social presence and forge real collaborative relationships with your audience
Création et Programmation - 14 - 15 mai 2019
Explainer videos: visual journalism for social platforms 
Format your factual content to reach social audiences
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