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Formations adaptées aux besoins du marché de l’audiovisuel et conçues par l’EBU Academy

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Technologies Numériques - 22 - 24 mai 2019
EBU joint IOI/NBI themed visit to CBC/Radio-Canada 
Join this visit to Maison Radio-Canada and learn about their idea accelerator and the strategies in place for driving and implementing innovative products and services.
Management & Leadership - 29 - 31 mai 2019
Executive Programme 6 - Module 1 
A mini-MBA for top media executives in partnership with two of the world's top business schools - IESE and UCLA Anderson
Actualités & Journalisme - 03 - 07 juin 2019
Computer Assisted Reporting 
A good story is often hiding in plain sight: it’s buried deep in the data. Journalists who can identify, refine, and interrogate the information they need within a large data set are in-demand and publishing the most exciting work in the industry.
Création et Programmation - 03 - 04 juin 2019
Photography with your smartphone 
Create compelling photos for online platforms and ensure your images stand out in the crowd.
Protection & Sécurité - 03 - 07 juin 2019
HEST, Hostile Environment Safety Training 
An all-round safety training course for journalists reporting live in times of trouble
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