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Formations adaptées aux besoins du marché de l’audiovisuel et conçues par l’EBU Academy

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Création et Programmation - 26 - 27 sept. 2019
Explainer Videos: Visual Journalism for Social Platforms 
Format your factual content to better appeal to digital audiences
Création et Programmation - 30 sept. - 01 oct. 2019
Podcasts & Public Radio: Can we stay ahead? 
Podcasting plays an important role in shifting the media landscape, so ensure that you are making the best use of your expertise.
Technologies Numériques - 07 - 08 oct. 2019
How to build and grow Facebook groups 
Step-up your social presence and forge real collaborative relationships with your audience
Technologies Numériques - 24 - 25 oct. 2019
How to create engaging Instagram Stories 
Instagram stories let you post a series of photos and videos that plays like a slideshow; at the end of the day, those photos and videos disappear. This new Master Class concentrates exclusively on how...
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