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Formations adaptées aux besoins du marché de l’audiovisuel et conçues par l’EBU Academy

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Marques & Valeurs - 25 - 27 mai 2020
Strategic Advocacy for Public Service Media Postponed
The entire media environment has undergone dramatic disruption in the last few years, with the roles and values of public service media (PSM) coming under scrutiny.
Actualités & Journalisme - 26 mai 2020
Investigative Journalism during the coronavirus crisis: Challenges and responsibilities of PSM journalists (ONLINE SESSION) 
This online session will take place via Zoom at 11:00-12:00 CET. SVT journalist and trainer for this session Nils Hanson will cover the following questions: What is your role as an investigative journalists...
Création et Programmation - 29 mai - 22 juin 2020
Become a podcaster in three weeks (e-MASTER CLASS) 
Podcasts are now available on all media platforms. Not only radio, but also native digital and television teams embrace podcasts, an intimate and powerful form of media, to renew their offer to their audiences....
Technologies Numériques - 03 - 19 juin 2020
Preparing your move to Live IP (e-Master Class) 
This e-Master Class is now full. Please contact Hélène Rauby-Matta for more information. This e-Master Class is designed to support EBU Members in their transition to a full live-IP production environment....
Actualités & Journalisme - 03 juin 2020
Lutter contre le complotisme et les fake news à l’ère de la crise du covid 19: un défi et une responsabilité pour les journalistes du Service Public 
Cette session en ligne aura lieu sur Zoom de 11:00 à 12:00 CET. Cette session couvrira les questions suivantes: Quel est le problème? Etude de cas sur les fake news, le complotisme et les conséquences...
Votre recherche a trouvé 28 résultats.

Actualités & Journalisme - 10 - 11 déc. 2012
IMPS Seminar 
A seminar to draw together the results of the IMPS visits organized during 2012
Technologies Numériques - 03 - 04 déc. 2012
Master Class: Social Media for Radio Programmes 
EBU, Geneva
Actualités & Journalisme - 29 - 30 nov. 2012
Off-the-Record: The view from the Vatican 
Radio Vaticana, Rome
Marques & Valeurs - 05 - 06 nov. 2012
Integrated Media Production (IMPS) Theme Visit to VRT & RTBF 
Brussels, Belgium
Technologies Numériques - 15 - 19 oct. 2012
FRAME, Future for Restoration of Audiovisual Memory in Europe 
Ina, Bry-sur-Marne, France
Actualités & Journalisme - 08 - 09 oct. 2012
Master Class: Leading change in the newsroom 
EBU, Geneva, Switzerland
Technologies Numériques - 04 oct. 2012
Network & Learn: Live Music Everywhere - Video resurrected the Radio Star 
3voor12 , Hilversum, the Netherlands
Actualités & Journalisme - 04 - 05 oct. 2012
Off-the-Record: Improve Human Health in a Global Village 
WHO, Geneva, Switzerland
- 17 - 18 sept. 2012
Integrated Media Production (IMPS): Theme visit to YLE 
YLE, Helsinki, Finland