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Protection & Sécurité - 08 - 12 juin 2020
HEST: Hostile environment safety training Cancelled
SPECIAL NOTE: This event is cancelled due to current circumstances. If you are already registered you will receive more information in due course. Otherwise, please contact Nathalie Labourdette. As a journalist,...
Management & Leadership - 08 - 10 juin 2020
Agile Management Techniques at Yle (ONLINE SESSION) Cancelled
Managing change focusing on people, learning, and customer experience.
Actualités & Journalisme - 09 - 10 juin 2020
Storytelling Using Social Media Cancelled
Reach new audiences and tell new stories using social media
Actualités & Journalisme - 09 juin 2020
Regional Learning Hub at GPB: Creating constructive solutions-focused news stories during the Covid-19 Pandemic 
This online session is part of the EBU Academy's Regional Learning Hubs and will take place at 11:00-12:00 CET via Zoom. With Covid-19 creating major disruption and challenges across Europe, newsrooms...
Management & Leadership - 09 juin 2020
How is the lean-agile management culture at Yle adapting to Covid-19 and remote work? (Online session) 
This online session will take place at 15:00-16:00 via Zoom.   Mirette Kangas will briefly introduce her ongoing work to develop a lean-agile culture in Yle.  She will then focus on how agile continuous...
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Technologies Numériques - 13 - 14 déc. 2018
Preparing your move to Live-IP TV production 
FULLY BOOKED - Next sessions: 29-30 April 2019 & 24-25 June 2019
Création et Programmation - 10 - 11 déc. 2018
Who wants to be a fast and flexible mobile journalist? 
Build video, audio and photo blocks to create engaging news content
Management & Leadership - 28 - 30 nov. 2018
Training for trainers 
Become an in-house trainer and start teaching!
Actualités & Journalisme - 27 - 28 nov. 2018
Constructive journalism 
Explore solution–based stories to enrich your news and leave your audience feeling empowered
Création et Programmation - 26 - 27 nov. 2018
Co-create cross-media projects with your audience 
Select the right partners and combination of platforms
Protection & Sécurité - 20 - 21 nov. 2018
12th Network & Learn for security officers 
Most crisis get very little warning. Being prepared allows journalists and support crews to cover such events in a safe, responsible and effective manner
Management & Leadership - 12 - 14 nov. 2018
Manage your project with the 8-step change model 
Achieve fast, sustainable results in project management
Management & Leadership - 11 - 15 nov. 2018
Executive Programme 5 - module 3 
A mini-MBA for top media executives in partnership with two of the world's top business schools - IESE and UCLA Anderson
Technologies Numériques - 05 - 06 nov. 2018
How to create engaging Instagram stories and videos 
Learn the algorithm and functionalities of the platform and explore the specifics of the stories format
Technologies Numériques - 05 - 09 nov. 2018
FRAME Session 2: archive content promotion, documentation, metadata and legal framework 
Overview of the different options an archive can take, and the means an organisation owns to improve its content preservation and accessibility