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EBU Media Lunchtime Talks

What ?

Concise keynote addresses followed by a moderated discussion


Orhan Galjus, acclaimed Roma journalist, editor-in-chief and founder of Roma Radio Patrin (based in Amsterdam), and chairman of the EBU Task Force on Roma Programmes

Pauline Rouche, European Commission, Member of Vice-President Reding’s Cabinet responsible for portfolio of Social and Economic Integration of Roma

When ?

Wednesday 2 October 2013, 12.30 – 14.00 over lunch (sandwich buffet)

Where ?

EBU Brussels office, 56 avenue des Arts, 1000 Brussels


Improved socioeconomic integration of Roma people at national and European level has long figured high on the EU political agenda; a recent Commission Communication on the subject stated outright that more must be done in this regard.

The National Roma Integration Strategies and related EU Framework have primarily targeted education, employment, healthcare and housing, while the media’s role has not been properly scrutinized. Yet the media is an essential component of successful integration, in terms of its capacity to challenge stereotypes and to provide platforms for debate and expression.

How concretely do public service media contribute to the integration of Roma? How do EU institutions see the media’s role in the framework and implementation of the national and European strategies? What can the media and the EU do together to improve the situation of Europe’s Romani minorities?

To fuel the debate, Orhan Galjus will present his latest work and provide insights into the public service media coverage, portrayal and representation of Romani people, while Pauline Rouche will explain the Commission’s view.

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