Accueil Événements Euroradio Sport Plenary Meeting

Euroradio Sport Plenary Meeting

Please download the draft version of the agenda here

Please download the draft version of the agenda here


...this would be an unstressed year of sports?
Never underestimate those "in-between-years" bridging Olympic and World Cup years!

While we are still enjoying great 2013 World Championships in summer sports, such as Swimming and Athletics (the first under the EBU umbrella and the second produced by EBU), our sights are focusing ahead on next year's big challenges abroad: Brazil and FIFA World Cup 2014 are calling!

And with regards to the experiences made during FIFA ConfedCup 2013, we can say that never before an event seems to be so challenging as next year's FIFA World Cup! (With the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics rising on the horizon).

Marcus Tepper, Chair of the Euroradio Sport Group


EBU and the Euroradio community can offer to overcome these challenges is experience, exchange, support and a half a century of expertise in covering big sporting events even under difficult conditions.

Therefore, at the kind invitation of the Chairman, Marcus Tepper, the Euroradio Community -editors, producers, heads of sports and international relations- are welcome to join this year's Euroradio Sport Plenary Meeting.

Two days of intense discussions, news gathering, exchange and networking.

Furthermore, on this occasion, participants will be called upon to elect the members of the next Euroradio Sports Group for a two-year term (2014-2015).


Contact de l'événement

Christophe Pasquier
Tel.: +41 22 717 2622

Information Complémentaires


  • Peer Lange, IBU
  • Maurice Tollenaar, UEFA
  • Jean-Christophe Petit, CAA Eleven
  • Jean-Paul Savart, AIPS
  • Daniel Wlochovski, HBS
  • Marcel Wakin, EAA


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