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Digital Transformation Initiative: Kick-off workshop

Digital Transformation has many faces and one of the first challenges is to come up with a common understanding of what it means for Public Service Media. As it touches organizational change, culture, leadership, customers, processes, people, content and ultimately the remit and role of PSM it helps to define some shared goals and enablers.

The Digital Transformation Initiative workshop brought together digital, innovation and strategy leaders from 12 different EBU Members in Brussels on September 21st to share perspectives on the digital transformation journey and to come to a better understanding of process of restructuring and transforming PSM.

The workshop was a limited event aiming to define a first framework for the Digital Transformation Initiative. In a next phase a broader consultation and additional workshops will be organised to benchmark and refine the initial framework. Members who are interested in taking an active role in this initiative can contact Head of Digital, Ezra Eeman, for more information.

EBU News 22.09.2017: "Digital Strategists talk transformation at Brussels workshop" 

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  • Presentations from the workshop are available on our content exchange platform “Showcase”. To access and download the documents, you need to be registered and logged in to the EBU platform. - Access is restricted to EBU Members only. If you’re having any trouble logging into the platform or downloading the presentations, please send an email to