DTI Webinar Series: Strategic Partnerships

Continuing our series focusing on enablers from the DTI framework, we wrapped up an interactive session discussing the importance of Strategic Partnerships.

In a complex and fast-changing world, partnerships are a critical aspect of media management. Put simply, well-managed partnerships allow an organization to achieve more than they could do alone. The current crisis also carries new opportunities as potential collaborators, vendors and suppliers may well be more open and willing to collaborate and share data and experiences, considering the pressures and challenges faced.

In the event, we were joined by:

Johan Wahlberg, Head of Digital Partnerships at SVT

Tuyet Nguyen, Head of Business Development at RTBF

And Aisling McCabe, Strategy Director at Cogs and Marble and formerly Head of Strategic Platforms and Partnerships at RTÉ


 Navigating and Collaborating - Aisling McCabe  Membres seulement
 Strategic Partnerships - Johan Wahlberg (SVT)  Membres seulement



Date limite d'inscription: 24 juin 2020

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