Accueil Événements PSM Future Leaders group: Leadership, Culture and Talent in PSM
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PSM Future Leaders group: Leadership, Culture and Talent in PSM

The EBU PSM Future Leaders group aims to influence decision-makers working in PSM so that our organizations remain relevant for audiences of the future. They strive to create awareness about the issues that they think PSM leaders should consider (or consider in a different way) and make their own thought-out recommendations, again concerning these issues.  

The first conversation with the group on this topic took place on 23 April 2020, where the aims were to reflect on leadership, culture and talent in PSM organizations, specifically:

  • Exchange and learn from the creative solutions of other organizations
  • Hold a useful, inspiring discussion
  • Create the foundation to make proposals and suggest practical examples for PSM organizations

For the second conversation, the group will discuss some of the initial suggestions arising from their previous discussion with senior representatives of their organizations.


  • How to foster and build trust in young leaders working in PSM
  • How to reduce intergenerational gaps and include everyone
  • Re-thinking leadership styles in PSM
  • How to attract and retain young talent in PSM
  • How to leverage the development of high-potentials in PSM
  • How to foster culture change in PSM
  • Special discussion of the impact of COVID-19 crisis on leadership, culture and talent in PSM.