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IBA seminar on distribution - focus on OTT

OTT distribution of international broadcasting services in the multi-platform environment – challenges and strategies

Join us for our second online seminar on the distribution of international broadcasting services. Due to the great interest in OTT expressed at the first seminar we will focus on this distribution platform; we will hear about member strategies and their key challenges, including commercial aspects, content and rights, discoverability and marketing as well as audience measurement.

This discussion will be part of a wider EBU strategy work on distribution and platforms. Key issues to tackle and the EBU approach will be presented together with the MIS research on distribution at the International Broadcasting Assembly (IBA) on 1/2 June in Paris, hosted by France Télévisions.


Moderator: Nicola Frank, EBU

  • Defining a strategy for OTT distribution for international services: Wouter Quartier, EBU Senior Manager, Digital, Transformation & Platforms  
  • Case studies with key issues for international broadcasting services:
  • Marek Solon-Lipinski, Director of International Relations, Sales & International Relations Department, TVP
  • John Grigoras, Head of Distribution | Greek Diaspora Division, ERT
  • Discussion
  • Next steps



  • ERTFlix International - Overview & Plans for International Audience - John Grigoras Membres seulement
  • TVP international OTT - Marek Solon-Lipinski