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Autre - 20 - 21 nov. 2018
World TV Day
The EBU joins forces with EGTA and ACT to promote UN World TV Day on 21 November and honour a medium that holds a central place in the lives of millions of people, and to highlight the many services it offers in this era of multi-screening.

Adresse: Worldwide

Contact Email: brochot@ebu.ch

Réunion - 22 - 23 nov. 2018 Invitation seulement
La voix des médias de service public
Where communications professionals from public service media organizations come together to network, learn and share.
Autre - 22 nov. 2018
Lunchtime Talk: Is press freedom at risk?
Our Media Lunchtime Talk held at our office in Brussels will provide the opportunity to discuss the dangers and consequences of this approach.

Adresse: Brussels, Belgium

Contact Email: lenoir@ebu.ch

Atelier - 27 nov. 2018 Membres seulement
Next Generation Audio Workshop

EBU Members only – This event addresses CTOs, strategists, system architects and sound engineers. It assembles information on the advantages of Next Generation Audio for workflows, better media experiences, and playout on multiple platforms and devices.

Adresse: EBU, Geneva

Contact Email: sunna@ebu.ch

Assemblée - 06 - 07 déc. 2018 Invitation seulement
81e Assemblée générale de l'UER
Les dirigeants des Membres et Associés de l'UER, ainsi que les Unions mondiales de radiodiffusion, sont invités à rencontrer leurs pairs et leur réseau.

Adresse: Siége de l'UER

Contact Email: rijavec@ebu.ch

Seminaire - 29 - 31 janv. 2019
Production Technology Seminar 2019

The annual event focusing on recent and future developments in media production technology.

Adresse: EBU Geneva

Réunion - 07 - 08 févr. 2019
6ème rencontre annuelle des femmes dirigeantes dans les médias : les femmes et l'éducation
Le réseau des Femmes dirigeantes dans les médias (WEM - Women Executives in Media) créé en 2013 à...

Contact Email: labourdette@ebu.ch

Seminaire - 13 févr. 2019
Digital Radio Summit 2019

The EBU Digital Radio Summit returns for 2019, discussing current hot topics around Digital Radio. 

Adresse: EBU Geneva

Conférence - 20 - 22 mars 2019
Digital Media Days 2019
Digital Media Days is an exciting forum and networking event for all media professionals, with a focus on the digital future. The 2-day conference brings together commissioning and planning editors, producers and creative staff from all types of programming and media.

Adresse: Stockholm

Contact Email: salucci@ebu.ch

Seminaire - 26 - 27 mars 2019
BroadThinking 2019

BroadThinking is the seminar where broadcast meets broadband and a key event for anyone interested in 5G, CDNs, streaming technology, interactivity and more.

Adresse: EBU Geneva

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Conférence - 14 - 15 nov. 2018
News Xchange
Don't miss the news industry's biggest event of the year. Join top media professionals, experts and innovators at this year's News Xchange.

Adresse: Edinburgh, Scotland

Assemblée - 12 - 13 nov. 2018 Membres seulement
13e Assemblée Actualités
L’Assemblée Actualités offre chaque année l’occasion aux professionnels de l’information de dével...
Réunion - 08 - 09 nov. 2018 Membres seulement
Réunion 2018 du Groupe d’experts des services d’accès
Le Groupe d’experts des services d’accès se réunit une fois par an dans le cadre d’une séance plé...
Atelier - 08 - 09 nov. 2018 Membres seulement
The Impact of AI on Media

EBU Members only – This workshop assembles vital information on Artificial Intelligence and its likely impact on broadcasting. It addresses CEOs, CTOs, workflow architects and project managers, with the aim to help develop appropriate strategies and business plans.

Adresse: EBU, Geneva

Atelier - 06 nov. 2018
Atelier de programmation en ligne
L'objectif principal de l'atelier est de relever le vaste défi de la programmation numérique. A p...
Réunion - 30 - 31 oct. 2018 Membres seulement
International Relations Plenary Meeting
This EBU International Relations Plenary Meeting will look at future priorities for EBU Radio, a status update on and a workshop for MUSNew, replacement of the satellite network and women in the media and the music industry.

Adresse: Geneva, Switzerland

Conférence - 19 oct. 2018 Membres seulement
EBU Culture Group's Berlin Summit - Cultural Radio in Europe: Where Next?
Public service radio is being challenged everywhere. Can it justify its existence in the face of political and commercial pressures? What is its purpose in a world of unprecedented digital choice? The Berlin Summit Cultural Radio Conference is a unique opportunity for industry leaders to consider the challenges we have in common and to share ideas and inspirations for the future.

Adresse: Berlin

Contact Email: marceau@ebu.ch

Conférence - 18 - 19 oct. 2018 Membres seulement
New Radio Day 2018
The annual New Radio Day is the meeting point for those working in radio innovation across EBU organizations.

Adresse: Dublin

Contact Email: dixong@ebu.ch; damiani@ebu.ch

Atelier - 17 oct. 2018 Membres seulement
VOX: New content opportunities workshop
As part of the New Radio Day 2018 in Dublin, the EBU VOX Group will get together for a workshop on new content opportunities for Voice User Interfaces and Smart Speakers.

Adresse: Dublin, Ireland

Contact Email: salucci@ebu.ch

Seminaire - 16 - 17 oct. 2018
Media CyberSecurity Seminar 2018

The EBU Media Cybersecurity Seminar addresses media organizations and their security specialists. The conference assembles a line-up of leading security experts in the media industry, presenting on current online security risks, mitigation strategies and industry trends. The event also provides guidance and hands-on experience through a set of tutorials.

Adresse: EBU, Geneva

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