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28 févr. - 01 mars 2018
Big Data Conference 2018
Invest in change now to thrive tomorrow: as the EBU Big Data Initiative reaches full maturity, this third edition of the Big Data Conference aims to provide participants with takeaways to target the right investments required and carry out relevant data strategies for the media sector.

Adresse: Geneva

Contact Email: pupillo@ebu.ch

07 - 09 mars 2018
Digital Media Days 2018
Digital Media Days is an exciting forum and networking event for all media with a focus on the digital future.

Adresse: Prague, Czech Republic

Contact Email: rossignol@ebu.ch

22 - 23 mars 2018
22nd Sports Assembly
The Sports Assembly brings together EBU broadcasting and sports federation executives from around the world. This meeting gives delegates the opportunity to network and discuss the major challenges affecting sports rights and sports broadcasting today.

Adresse: Hotel Palace Berlin, Germany

Contact Email: ulp@eurovision.net

22 - 23 mars 2018
Radio Ensemble Seminar
The next EBU Radio Ensemble Seminar will be held in Athens, Greece, at the kind invitation of ERT on 22-23 March 2018.

Adresse: Athens

Contact Email: billoux@ebu.ch

27 - 28 mars 2018
BroadThinking 2018

BroadThinking is the seminar where broadcast meets broadband and a key event for anyone interested in 5G, CDNs, streaming technology, interactivity and more.

Adresse: EBU Geneva

18 - 20 avr. 2018
Media Summit 2018
The EBU Media Summit will bring together senior executives working in the Content & Audiences communities from EBU Members to discuss the shared content strategic challenges and opportunities to reach and engage with all audiences in the currently changing media landscape.

Adresse: Brussels, Belgium

Contact Email: sellier@ebu.ch

23 - 24 avr. 2018
EBU Connect 2018
The conference brings together more than 150 professionals from PSM across Europe for a packed two-day schedule highlighting innovation, creativity and excellence in broadcast marketing

Adresse: Madrid, Spain

Contact Email: brochot@ebu.ch

26 - 27 avr. 2018
Assemblée des affaires juridiques et publiques
L'Assemblée des affaires juridiques et publiques réunit des conseillers juridiques et des spécialistes des affaires publiques, issus des Membres de l'UER. Elle aborde des sujets qui reflètent les travaux menés par le nouveau Département des affaires juridiques et publiques de l'Union. C'est au sein de ce département, placé sous la direction de Richard Burnley, qu'ont été regroupées les anciennes équipes des affaires juridiques et des affaires publiques.

Adresse: Siège de l'UER (Genève)

Contact Email: ebulegal@ebu.ch

03 - 04 mai 2018
24th Finance Assembly
The Finance Assembly provides a unique opportunity for finance professionals to discuss best practices, strategic planning as well as common challenges and opportunities that are transforming the broadcasting industry.

Adresse: Marrakesh, Morocco

Contact Email: cowin@ebu.ch

14 - 16 mai 2018
News Contacts Meeting 2018
The Eurovision News Contacts Meeting brings together delegates from news, sports, special events and digital media for two days of sharing, learning and networking.

Adresse: Cascais, Portugal

Contact Email: jimenez@eurovision.net

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15 févr. 2018
Radio Archives Workshop

This event is part of the EBU Digital Radio Week, 12-15 February 2018. The first Radio Archive Workshop is a forum for discussing ideas and sharing best-practice for broadcasters, helping them unlock the potential of their radio archives.

Adresse: EBU, Geneva

14 févr. 2018
Digital Radio Summit 2018

This event is part of the EBU Digital Radio Week, 12-15 February 2018. The Digital Radio Summit is the flagship event of the Digital Radio Week, and is the key place to learn about the current and future in the Radio Technology and Innovation. This year's theme is the user experience – how can radio keep fresh for generations to come?

Adresse: EBU, Geneva

12 - 13 févr. 2018
World Radio Day
World Radio Day marks the anniversary of the first broadcast by UN Radio in 1946.

Contact Email: pasquier@ebu.ch

12 - 13 févr. 2018
RadioHack 2018

The annual Radiohack part of the EBU Digital Radio Week and brings together coders, solderers and thinkers to collaborate and innovate together.

Adresse: EBU, Geneva

07 - 08 févr. 2018
Women Executives in Media 5th Meeting: Women and Sport
The Finnish Broadcasting Company, Yle, is happy to host the 5th Women Executives in Media (WEM) m...

Adresse: Helsinki, Finland

05 févr. 2018
Digital Transformation Initiative: Sharing and Learning Workshop
After a first successful workshop in Brussels in September 2017, the Digital Transformation Initiative is launching a second workshop

Adresse: EBU Brussels

Contact Email: eeman@ebu.ch

30 janv. - 01 févr. 2018
Production Technology Seminar 2018

The annual event focusing on recent and future developments in media production technology.

Adresse: EBU, Geneva

17 - 20 janv. 2018
Eurosonic Festival 2018
The Eurosonic Festival is a favourite amongst artists, music professionals and lovers for discovering the best new European acts of the year.

Adresse: Groningen, The Netherlands

Contact Email: marceau@ebu.ch

01 janv. 2018
VPO New Year's Concert
The New Year’s Day Concert is one of the most sought-after TV properties in the world, achieving staggering market shares of over 50% in a number of territories and reaching over 20 million viewers in Europe alone.

Adresse: Vienna, Austria

Contact Email: trustram@ebu.ch

17 déc. 2017
Journée de Noël Euroradio
Le dimanche avant Noël, une douzaine de radios Membres de l'UER vont partager des concerts, en direct ou différés, dédiés à la musique de Noël.

Contact Email: hickey@ebu.ch

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