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25 sept. 2018
Cultural Heritage for the Future: The role of media innovation
The EBU is bringing together media and archive specialists, policy makers and entrepreneurs to discuss how we can best protect, develop and open up the audiovisual memory of Europe.

Contact Email: events-brussels@ebu.ch

26 - 27 sept. 2018
Digital Transformation Initiative workshop at RTÉ
The Digital Transformation Initiative will be visiting RTE, the public service broadcaster of Ireland, for a workshop in September

Adresse: Dublin, Ireland

Contact Email: scotts@ebu.ch

04 - 05 oct. 2018
17th Internal Audit Group Meeting
The Internal Audit Group (IAG) consists of internal auditors and those interested in the profession of audit from EBU Member organizations. The group meets annually to discuss critical issues affecting public broadcasters today such as cyber security risks, general IT controls, audit of Internal controls, whistleblowing and more.

Adresse: London (GB)

Contact Email: pombo@ebu.ch

11 - 12 oct. 2018
1st Joint Academy and HR Assembly: Going Mobile
Aimed at Human Resource professionals working in media, this year's assembly will look at how mobile is changing society and behaviour, redefining the links between people, work, leisure and entertainment.

Adresse: Rome, Italy

Contact Email: frantz@ebu.ch

11 - 12 oct. 2018
16e Assemblée des affaires juridiques et publiques
L'Assemblée des affaires juridiques et publiques réunit des conseillers juridiques et des spécialistes des affaires publiques issus des Membres de l'UER. auxquels elle offre l’occasion de dialoguer et de travailler en réseau. C'est une plateforme d'échange et d'information sur les développements récents ayant un impact sur les médias de service public.

Adresse: Siège de l'UER, Genève

Contact Email: ebulegal@ebu.ch

11 oct. 2018
3rd Data Journalists Workshop
The EBU Data Journalism network brings together data journalists from EBU Members to brainstorm, improve collaboration and share inspiration on how to use data to report on relevant issues.

Adresse: London, UK

Contact Email: jimenez@eurovision.net

13 - 19 oct. 2018
Prix Europa
This continental media competition, grown since its founding in 1987 by the European Parliament and European Commission into the most influential pan-European broadcasting festival, rewards the best European television, radio and online productions.

Adresse: Berlin, Potsdam

Contact Email: marceau@ebu.ch

16 - 17 oct. 2018
Media CyberSecurity Seminar 2018

The EBU Media Cybersecurity Seminar addresses media organizations and their security specialists. The conference assembles a line-up of leading security experts in the media industry, presenting on current online security risks, mitigation strategies and industry trends. The event also provides guidance and hands-on experience through a set of tutorials.

Adresse: EBU, Geneva

17 oct. 2018
VOX: New content opportunities workshop
As part of the New Radio Day 2018 in Dublin, the EBU VOX Group will get together for a workshop on new content opportunities for Voice User Interfaces and Smart Speakers.

Adresse: Dublin, Ireland

Contact Email: salucci@ebu.ch

18 - 19 oct. 2018
New Radio Day 2018
The annual New Radio Day is the meeting point for those working in radio innovation across EBU organizations.

Adresse: Dublin

Contact Email: dixong@ebu.ch; damiani@ebu.ch

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13 sept. 2018
Rose d'Or
The prestigious Rose d'Or awards define the gold standard of excellence and achievement in entertainment programming. Join us to honour the industry's best programmes, programme-makers and performers.

Adresse: Berlin, Germany

Contact Email: schwarm@ebu.ch

13 - 14 sept. 2018
23th sports assembly
Sports Assembly brings together the Heads of Sport, senior sport representatives and executives of sports federations from around the world. This meeting gives delegates the opportunity to network and discuss the challenges affecting sports rights market and sports broadcasting today.

Contact Email: ulp@eurovision.net

12 - 13 sept. 2018
Creative Forum 2018
Notre Creative Forum est l'événement annuel pour les formats de programmes de diffusion avec uniquement du contenu de service public en provenance d'Europe et au-delà.

Adresse: Berlin, Germany

Contact Email: brochot@ebu.ch

07 sept. 2018
European Script Awards 2018
The European Script Awards honour the most original series and film scripts of aired productions written by up and coming writers.

Adresse: Helsinki (Savoy Theatre), Finland

Contact Email: simha@ebu.ch

18 - 23 août 2018
Eurovision Young Musicians 2018
L'Eurovision Young Musicians revient en 2018 avec une édition organisée à Edinburgh du 16 au 24 août 2018, animée par BBC Scotland et BBC Radio 3.

Adresse: Edinburgh, Scotland

31 juil. 2018
Euroradio Jazz Competition
The Euroradio Jazz Competition showcases the best young jazz talent from across Europe. The 2018 final took place in France as part of the prestigious Jazz in Marciac Festival.

Adresse: Marciac, France

05 juil. 2018
Security Tests for Networked Equipment

Modern IP and SDI-based equipment is more connected than ever – but the implemented security measures against potential cyber attacks have not always kept up. NPO's Information Security Officer Jeroen Zwarts explains how to conduct the minimum security tests for networked media equipment based on EBU R 148.

Adresse: Online, 15:00-16:00 CEST

28 - 29 juin 2018
80ème Assemblée générale
L'Assemblée générale d'été de l'UER offre chaque année aux dirigeants des radiodiffuseurs de service public une occasion unique de se réunir et de dialoguer.

Adresse: Tirana

Contact Email: rijavec@ebu.ch

27 juin 2018
2018 Pitching session for Science projects
This exciting event brings the best science projects to international broadcasters.

Adresse: Sunny Side of the Doc, La Rochelle (France)

Contact Email: ripke@ebu.ch

27 juin 2018
Fiction Experts Annual Meeting 2018
Join the 2018 Fiction Experts Annual Meeting in Fontainebleau on 27 June, organised in partnership with Festival Série Series.

Adresse: Fontainebleau, France

Contact Email: simha@ebu.ch

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