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Réunion - Invitation seulement

Kids Group COVID-19 Roundtable

With the unprecedented challenge to public-service broadcasters posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, children's content is now at the heart of our Members' strategies to serve audience needs. For this seventh roundtable, topics will include an update on Members' strategy and product and, since schools are re-opening, a discussion on exit strategies. A special focus will be put on PSM Kids audience performance during the crisis & lessons learned.

Réunion virtuelle

Contact Email: asseraf@ebu.ch

Réunion - Invitation seulement

Kids News (YNE) Editors-in-Chief COVID-19 Roundtable

What is the best new thing Kids News have been doing since the COVID-19 breakthrough? What kind of stories do kids need now and in the near future? During this virtual roundtable we will share our best practices, lessons learned and tips for inspiration. We will also give an update the Kids News Community on the News Exchange and upcoming events.

Réunion virtuelle

Contact Email: kornmann@ebu.ch

Réunion - Invitation seulement

26th EBU Radio Contact Engineers Meeting Postponed

Adresse: ERR News Building, Tallinn, Estonia

Contact Email: artero@ebu.ch

Réunion - Membres seulement

'Back to a New Normal' COVID-19 Roundtable

As a 'new normal' progressively takes shape, Members share their experience on scaling up return to the office and capturing positive learnings from the crisis.

Réunion virtuelle

Contact Email: oconnor@ebu.ch

Assemblée -

26ème assemblée des finances et 19ème groupe de vérification interne Cancelled

Le Groupe des finances et de la vérification interne offre une occasion unique aux professionnels des médias de la fonction publique de discuter des pratiques exemplaires entre la planification stratégique et les défis et possibilités communs qui transforment l’industrie de la radiodiffusion.

Adresse: EBU, Geneva, Switzerland

Contact Email: yaghcha@ebu.ch

Réunion - Membres seulement

EBU Fiction Experts Annual (Online) Meeting 2020

The EBU Fiction Experts Annual Meeting is the place where Heads of Drama, Drama Commissioners and others in the field get together to exchange new ideas and best practices, discuss the latest trends and share experiences, successes or failures.

Réunion virtuelle

Contact Email: simha@ebu.ch

Réunion - Membres seulement

Atelier Spécial "Réseaux sociaux et plateformes"

Ce Copyright Café portera sur les questions de droit d’auteur en lien avec les réseaux sociaux et les plateformes de partage de contenu.

Réunion virtuelle

Contact Email: alexandre@ebu.ch

Evénement EBU - Membres seulement

Coping with COVID-19: how VRT is supporting its audience in times of crisis

Join the talented Tomas Coppens, Senior Researcher at our Belgian Member VRT, to know more the insights that are powering their response to this crisis. Tomas has a proven track record on impact and public value research.

Réunion virtuelle

Contact Email: perrot@ebu.ch

Réunion - Invitation seulement

PSM Future Leaders group: Leadership, Culture and Talent in PSM

Second PSM Future Leaders group meeting

Adresse: Virtual Meeting

Contact Email: asseraf@ebu.ch; oconnor@ebu.ch

EBU Industry Event -

MDN Workshop

The MDN Workshop is the annual meeting point for developers working on Metadata and Artificial Intelligence in broadcasting. It is open to the public.

Réunion virtuelle

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Réunion -

Children Screening: Spike

The EBU Brussels office invites you and your children to enjoy the cartoon "Spike", a Christmas tale produced in collaboration with France télévisions

EBU Industry Event -

Regional workshop on Public Service News

and launch of EU-sponsored action plan "Enabling the democratic role of Public Service Media in the EU accession countries"

EBU Industry Event - Membres seulement

IMPS Network & Learn

A seminar to present and discuss the findings of the Integrated Media Productions Strategies programme.

Adresse: EBU, Geneva

Réunion -

Euroradio in America

Boost the music exchange

Assemblée - Membres seulement

69e Assemblée Générale

Les Membres de l’UER passeront en revue les activités menées depuis juin 2012 et approuveront le ...

Réunion -

Junior Eurovision Song Contest

The 10th anniversary of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest will take place on the 1st of Decemb...

Réunion -

WBU-ISOG Forum 2012

The annual gathering of the World Broadcasting Unions' International Satellite Operations Group will be hosted this year by the EBU.

Adresse: EBU, Geneva

Evénement EBU -

Beyond HD Webinar

An update on the latest developments towards the formats that will follow HDTV, covering UHDTV, 3DTV, Higher Frame Rates,  and more.

Adresse: Online

Réunion -

Do Books have a Future in Radio?

Literature Seminar in Bucharest

Evénement EBU -

Out of the Cloud, into the light?

A workshop designed to demystify cloud technologies for broadcasters.

Adresse: EBU, Geneva