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Documentaire - 27 mars 2018
Children's Documentary Series 
The Eurovision Youth Documentary Exchange assists in the production of high-quality, original, true-life documentaries for an audience of 10-to-12 year olds...
Documentaire - 08 févr. 2017
New Neighbours 
"New Neighbours" is a about people who had to leave their home and try to integrate into a new neighbourhood
Documentaire - 08 févr. 2017
Gens des villes 
La vie citadine pluriculturelle moderne et décrivant un patchwork coloré de personnes vivant dans de grandes villes européennes...
Documentaire - 23 avr. 2015
BIG CITIES will be a documentary film series focusing on the discussion, comparison, exchange, and implementation of solutions to current problems occurring in the world’s largest cities.
Documentaire - 07 avr. 2015
Voices of Fear 
VOICES OF FEAR is a 25-minutes documentary film series about racism, homophobia, xenophobia and anti-Semitism...
Documentaire - 28 juin 2014
The Road to War 
WORLD WAR I remembered by those who witnessed it...
Documentaire - 09 févr. 2014
Testimony 14-18 
WORLD WAR I remembered by those who witnessed it...
05 janv. 2014
World War One Broadcast Archives 
Eurovision and Euroradio are facilitating the creation of a unique pool of TV and radio archive material relating to World War One...
Documentaire - 13 juin 2013
Le Roi du Mont Ventoux 
Un événement télévisuel et plurimédia paneuropéen sans précédent, au cours duquel cinq des vainqueurs historiques de l'étape du Mont Ventoux aboliront le temps pour se disputer cette étape du Tour...
Documentaire - 29 nov. 2012
Why Poverty? 
Eurovision's Why Poverty? Day is part of a global initiative to support the broader "Why Poverty?" cross-media event, with an audience reach of 500 million people. Eurovision’s Why Poverty? Day, on 29...