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Festival Folk Euroradio 
Les échanges musicaux, outil de promotion de la diversité culturelle européenne Kantele, violons, accordéons, balalaïkas, chant guttural, yodels font partie des instruments et modes d'expression mis en...
Euroradio Jazz Orchestra 
Every year, the Euroradio Jazz Producers put together a European jazz big band under the name of the Euroradio Jazz Orchestra (EJO), a project that can trace its roots back to 1965.
World Radio Day 
World Radio Day (WRD) on 13 February marks the anniversary of the first broadcast by UN Radio in 1946, when it transmitted its first call sign: "This is the United Nations calling the peoples of the world."
Euroradio International Features Conference 
How do you “grab” an audience with a great opening? How can radio tell the history of the world in 100 objects? How about a “jam session” where participants bring and play their favourite selections?
Euroradio-Notturno, launched in 1998, is a night-time broadcast, made up of three two-hour interchangeable modules on given themes.
Euroradio 2See 
Broadcasting live music on radio has been, still is and will remain one of the distinctive features of public service youth-focused stations, which still devote part of their programming to live concerts
Euroradio Summer Festivals 
Tuesday, 17 June 2013, marks the first day of the 2013 Euroradio Summer Festivals: an offer of 393 exceptional LIVE concerts from the most prestigious summer festivals throughout Europe
Euroradio New Sound Engineers Scheme 
Given the overriding importance of high quality in the music exchanges among EBU radio organizations, the Euroradio Contact Engineers and Music Group are proposing the New Sound Engineers Scheme.
Euroradio Folk Music Christmas Project 2013 
29 EBU Members participated in the Christmas Project 2012, and the Folk / Traditional Music Group invites all interested parties to participate in the 2013 edition, coordinated and produced by Peter Browne of RTÉ Radio 1, Ireland.
Euroradio Season 
The Euroradio Season is made up of a number of series of predominantly live concerts and operas produced by Members, Associates and Approved Participants, broadcast each year from mid-September to mid-June.