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Dawn Chorus

Blackbird (Turdus merula); photo by Mark Carmody

Every spring for over two decades, EBU Member RTÉ has brought the sounds of early morning birdsong into Irish homes. Since 2016, thanks to an unprecedented collaboration among public radio broadcasters throughout  Europe, listeners across the continent are able to wake up to this “dawn chorus”, the sound of millions of birds singing in order to lay claim to their territory or to attract a mate.

Experts are on hand to explain to listeners what is happening, in real time, and to shed light on the hidden lives of these incredible birds. As it moves from east to west with the rising sun, the dawn chorus therefore represents a genuine link among all Europeans, transcending national borders and cultures.

In the past three years, the live Dawn Chorus broadcast, coordinated by RTÉ Radio One, has proven a great success, garnering a number of prestigious awards.

The 2019 European Dawn Chorus broadcast will begin on 4 May at 23.00 GMT and continue until 5 May at 6.00 GMT, available in MUS as SM/2019/02/33/01.

EBU Members are warmly invited to participate live in the programme by sharing the birdsong from their respective countries with listeners across Europe and/or to carry the live transmission. As was the case last year, for one hour, between 4.00 and 5.00 GMT, glorious, uninterrupted birdsong from across Europe will fill the airwaves.

More information from Sheila O'Callaghan (Producer) at  or Sinead Renshaw (Researcher).





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