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Euroradio Development Fund

The Euroradio Development Fund was initially set up in 2001 to allow the Euroradio Committee a degree of flexibility in encouraging, supporting and benchmarking new program initiatives outside of the normal budgetary process. The Fund aims at reviving and encouraging collaborative projects among Members for the sake of more diverse program content. Now the Fund is back in action again, replenished by decision of the Euroradio Committee in 2013.

In general we are looking for projects coming from radio but also going beyond the medium, adding multimedia and social network aspects too. The criteria which have to be fulfilled to receive an approval are:

  • The project must have the express support of the Euroradio Committee.
  • The project must be of general benefit to all Radio Members.
  • The project must have the support of a minimum of three EBU Members who are committed being directly involved in the production.

Projects supported by the Euroradio Development Fund

The Euroradio Committee have approved high profile projects in the past, including La Via della Plata, submitted by RAI / Italy (2010-2011), pan-European digital platform / Eurosonic Unplugged, submitted by DRS / Switzerland (2009-2010) and The Unexpected European, submitted by BBC / UK (2006)

Latest projects include:

For whom, for what to die?
Driven by Radio France nine countries joined into a survey asking questions about life and death today, 100 years after the beginning of World War 1.

Audio Snapshots from a continent at war
Initiated by the Euroradio Drama Group 17 broadcasters contributed short radio dramas reflecting the situation in 1914. The funding was mainly for subtitling the audio slide shows.

Serious Request
Offered by Dutch member NPO this charity format is spreading all over Europe. The funding was to promote the idea and organizing a workshop for interested members.

Caminno del Nord
The event itself will be a walking experience in the north of Spain in April/May 2015. But the aim of the project is to develop a multimedia story-telling tool to be used for different events.

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