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Euroradio Folk Music Christmas Project 2013


A great number of various Christmas songs, carols, and melodies are associated with the joy and beauty of Christmas. Very rich and interesting in form and content, they blend in a wonderful way the traditional, ancient magical practices and daily occupations of modern life, candle flames and sounds of Christmas carols awake gentle feelings and hopes of happiness.

In December 2000, the Euroradio Folk Music Group launched the EBU Folk Music Christmas Project to allow radio listeners all across Europe and beyond to hear Christmas and New Year's music and songs from all over the continent. And what a success! Here is how it works: Euroradio Members are invited to contribute a song or a piece of music which reflects the season in their own country. These musical contributions are then assembled by Euroradio in one compilation which is offered to music producers of all Euroradio stations. 

29 EBU Members participated in the Christmas Project 2012, and now the EUORORADIO Folk / Traditional Music Group invites all interested parties to participate in the 2013 edition, coordinated and produced by Peter Browne of RTÉ Radio 1, Ireland.


Euroradio Members are invited to send to Krystyna Kabat ( one or two selected songs, carols or pieces of folk or traditional music connected with Christmas and/or the New Year, with accompanying written information to be supplied on the script. This music may be newly recorded by the participating stations, from their archives or from a commercial disc. Please supply copyright details (traditional or author, publisher, etc.), with a maximum 15 sec. recorded seasonal greeting in the national language of your organization, as specifically requested by several stations participating in this project.

If you have some photos and/or videos of the contributing artists (with all rights cleared), you are kindly asked to send them to the EBU, following the guidelines below.

The music (WAV or FLAC) should be sent by 30 November 2013, to the EBU ftp.

  • FTP address: (for accessing this link, the FileZilla software is downloadble for free from
  • Login:                mbrupload
  • Password:         ftp2euroradio

If you have photos /and/or videos of the artists contributing to the project or illustrating the particular Christmas / New Year’s customs in your country, please upload them to the EBU Community platform.

If you are an EBU Member, please login to the collaborative platform in order to learn more about the proposals sent and to download the script.


The EBU Folk Music Christmas Project has proved very popular for its richness and the diversity of sounds and rhythms: authentic folk, ethno, jazz, pop, traditional and classical music, a musical journey throughout Europe from Cyprus to Iceland, from Portugal to Russia. In 2012 the Christmas Project  provided a high level of variety and quality. 51 music pieces from 29 EBU Radio Members, from 27 countries were compiled in one programme of 2½ hours. Please find the complete list here: pdf.Offered free of cost, except the usual authors' rights paid to national collecting societies, it is available for an unlimited number of broadcasts, in whole or in parts, with no deadline for transmission. Using the project’s music and texts, individual producers are free to design their own programme and running order in their own style to suit their own schedules and listeners.



Proposals need to be sent by November 15

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Euroradio Folk Music Group

Krystyna Kabat