World War One Broadcast Archives

Eurovision and Euroradio are facilitating the creation of a unique pool of TV and radio archive material relating to World War One as a programme resource for participating broadcasters.

Images and audio from the period 1914-1918 readily exist; however, testimonies collected from the early days of broadcasting represent a unique contribution by public service media (PSM) to enhance broader commemorations.

As these events of 100 years ago fade from living memory, we aim to source the most vivid accounts to create a powerful resource for EBU programme makers.

There is no fee for participation.

Technical basis for participation:

• Broadcasters source relevant assets from their archives
• Where possible, clips are legally cleared for use by other pool contributors
• An original language transcript and English translation is prepared for each clip
• Clips are available for download via a private online platform



Coproduction ou contenu

Original audio + English transcript for subtitling / dubbing

Online (via

Radiodiffuseur participant
Czech TV, MKTV (Hungary), RAI (Italy), MKRTV (Macedonia), RTV (Slovenia), BBC (UK)

Matthew Trustram
+41 22 717 26 23