RAPPORT D'ACTIVITÉ publié le 11 nov. 2018 • Département / Unité Eurovision News Média

Activity Report 2017-2018: News

The digital and technological tsunami which surrounds us, has created parallel climates of promise and of peril. Beyond, the innovation and the opportunities which revolutionize our daily lives making yesterday's science fiction today’s reality, lies the fundamental question of how information, and disinformation will shape our societies, and the kind of world we are re-making, live in, and will leave to our children.

It is of course a double edged sword. The power of ideas and the spread of information has brought down tyrants, but misinformation and propaganda have brought tyrants to power and helped them maintain control. Mass communication has helped to spread freedom, and democratic ideals, but it has also helped to spread fear and hatred, and helping some to "justify" complicity in atrocities and genocide.

Whether carved on stone tablets, parchment tracts, or mass produced on newsprint, glossy magazines or broadcast, online or via social media, the power of effectively communicated ideas can create communities and empower society, or be used to create tribalism, division and hatred.

When it acts in unison, following the fundamental principles of solidarity and reciprocity, the EBU News community is so much more than the sum of its parts. With a common purpose, drawing on the resources, knowledge and expertise of Members from so many countries and backgrounds, willing to share their knowledge and experience, the EBU News community is a powerful alliance in helping redefine boundaries and helping Members provide their audiences with quality journalism and insight. It has never been more vital, or more important.

Find out what we have achieved in this year's activity report.