RAPPORT publié le 01 sept. 2017 • Département / Unité Média

Public Service Media and the Power of Drama

The renewed focus on cooperation models is due to the fact that drama is also a key genre in the global digital shift and that we as public broadcasters have a lot to gain if we work closer together. We can be the platform that shows the best of European  public drama. And by leveraging the size of the union we can strengthen our position in domestic drama and in the market of third-party acquisitions and worldwide sales.

We’re living in decisive times in terms of how fast we can develop PSM, in the face of the changing societies and the major shifts in the media environment. This is of course a challenge for the EBU as an alliance and more specifically the EBU TV Unit as a platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration on TV programmes.

We at the EBU have developed policies in the TV sector. These need continuous updating and translation, especially now television as a core content provider and distribution platform is being re-invented.

Gradually television will develop from a channelbased concept into a content services concept. While Members re-invent themselves, the challenge for the EBU is to adapt collaboration in services and content at the right pace.