AUTRE publié le 16 mai 2013 • Département / Unité Média

Social Media - a Handbook for Journalists

Today social media are a natural part of the everyday lives of people all over the world. With 4.5 million Facebook users, for example, Sweden is no. 38 on the list of the countries with most Facebook users.

This makes social media fantastic tools for communicating with our audience. We can use them to spread our material, expand our networks, gain new knowledge and receive invaluable help in our journalistic work.

By being present where our audience is, and showing that our communication is seriously intended, we can become credible and relevant also for those who have no previous relationship with Swedish Radio.

If you are working with a niche station, a cutting edge programme or a language minority, social media give you the opportunity of becoming a hub in an online community. People who speak the language your department represents may be spread out geographically, but get together in groups and on social media pages.

We have chosen to divide this manual into three main parts: dialogue, research and sharing. These three parts are interlinked, however. For example, it is difficult to spread one’s material without a dialogue, since dialogue is the basis of all activities in social media. Still, the division corresponds to the needs we generally have: we want to talk to our audience, we want to find better approaches and new ideas, and we want as many people as possible to have access to our work.