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Fact Sheets - 16 mai 2019
Next Generation Audio 

Next Generation Audio (NGA) can deliver features such as immersive sound, multiple languages or flex-time audio in a single, multi-purpose workflow and stream. 

Infographie / Rapports / Diapositive - 26 avr. 2019
Trust in Media Connectés seulement
There is a noticeable trust gap between broadcast and new media. While radio and TV are the most trusted media among EU citizens, the internet and social networks are trusted the least.
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Prises de position - 15 avr. 2019
The Calculation of Share of European Works 
EBU contribution in the context of the preparation of Guidelines on the calculation of share of European works on video on demand catalogues and the definition of low audience and low turnover.
Prises de position - 15 avr. 2019
The 'Essential Functionality' Criterion in the Definition of Video-Sharing Platform Services 
EBU contribution for the preparation of Commission Guidelines on the practical application of the 'essential functionality' criterion of the definition of video-sharing platform services.
Other - 10 avr. 2019
Register of CNI and VPS codesTV Systems 

This is an extract of ETSI TS 101 231 where code registrations for the PDC and VPS systems are maintained and updated.

Prises de position - 09 avr. 2019
Legal & Policy Focus - The Case for the Public Service Media: Online News 
What should publicly funded public service media (PSM) be doing in the digital media age, and how should PSM be doing it? Everybody has a view on what activities publicly funded PSM should pursue, what...
Rapport d'activité - 09 avr. 2019
Media Activity Report 2018-2019 Membres seulement
Throughout the year, our Media team's focus was on stimulating the collaboration across our units and governing bodies, on actively contributing to the EBU's Members Services Strategy, "Together", and...
Prises de position - 09 avr. 2019
Legal & Policy Focus - The Case for Public Service Media: Content Remit 
This paper provides an overview of public service media content remit with a particular focus on why showing entertainment and sports content is crucial for public service media and its social and democratic...
Infographie - 03 avr. 2019
PSM & Fiction (Infographic) Connectés seulement
A snapshot of the key role PSM play as partners to European fiction producers and film makers.
Recommendations - 02 avr. 2019
Strategy for the adoption of an NMOS open discovery & connection protocol 

This is an EBU Technical Committee Position Statement.

28 mars 2019
Planning Parameters for DAB in VHF Band III 

This guide provides a quick overview of the main parameters to be considered for DAB network planning in VHF Band III.

Rapports - 27 mars 2019
Netflix & Amazon: PSM Friends or Foes? Membres seulement
This report covers the results of a survey about EBU Member's relations with Netflix and Amazon. Find out why many Members consider such 3rd party platforms as key partners.
Prises de position - 15 mars 2019
Legal & Policy Focus - Broadcasters' Rights: Towards a new WIPO treaty 
The aim of this Legal & Policy Focus is to further the understanding, in particular among legal practitioners of broadcasting organisations and other lawyers dealing with copyright issues, of the “neighbouring”...
Technical Review - 08 mars 2019
Cost analysis of orchestrated 5G networks for broadcasting 

This study evaluates the costs associated with two types of 5G network: one where orchestration is allowed and one where it is not, in a normalized country modelled against the principal European markets.

Guide / Autre - 08 mars 2019
EBU Speaker Policy 
Diversity and inclusion are the key to meaningful discussions. Questioning gender balance in our events and conferences isn’t just the ‘right thing to do’, it will improve the quality of those events, producing better debates and better outcomes. Explore our speaker policy to see how the EBU is tackling gender equality.
Infographie / Rapports / Diapositive - 07 mars 2019
Gender Equality & PSM 
This report provides you with a fact-based panorama of key gender statistics related to PSM as well as actions and tools EBU Members have implemented to promote gender equality.
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Tech-i magazine - 01 mars 2019
Understanding 5G and what it can be 

This issue of tech-i provides an update on where 5G technology stands currently and related EBU activities, including research on potential applications for media contribution.

Technical Review - 28 févr. 2019
A lightweight QoE evaluation model for OTT media services 

This article introduces a light-weight model to evaluate the Quality of Experience (QoE) for Over‑The‑Top (OTT) audio‑visual services.

Rapport - 26 févr. 2019
From Radio Orchestras to Media Ensembles: Meeting the PSM remit Membres seulement
This report captures the many ways in which performing groups are pushing the boundaries in pursuit of public service media values. Discover examples of best practice and how to promote further innovation and initiatives in this sector.
Rapport - 19 févr. 2019
News Report 2018: 50 ways to make it better Connectés seulement
The EBU News Report 2018, ‘50 ways to make it better’, highlights practical and concrete solutions and 50 real examples on building engagement and trust in public service journalism. This report is open...
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